The 2,000-year-old ‘Book Of Giants’ reveals how the Nephilim were wiped out

News 07/03/21, 16:29

When archaeologists uncovered hundreds of old scrolls over 50 years ago, they made one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the century. They discovered The Book of Giants, a book about the Nephilim and their annihilation. Over half a century ago, one of the most important archaeological discoveries was made ...

Now comes the Year of the Mouse

Culture 01/24/20, 08:19

In a couple of hours, over 1 billion people in the world will celebrate Chinese New Year. The coming year is the Year of the Rat, which also marks the restart of the Chinese zodiac cycle.  The Chinese zodiac features a cycle of 12 years, symbolized by 12 animals. So, ...

The statue of the Buddha that sheds tears in sorrow

Legend 09/15/19, 04:00

A statue of the Buddha in the city of Leshan, Sichuan Province, has reportedly shed tears many times throughout history. The people take it as a message in response to the state of the world today. Let's delve into the context of each miraculous occurrence. The city of Leshan, Sichuan Province ...

The story behind the idiom: A broken mirror joined together

Legend 08/25/19, 11:15

During the Southern and Northern dynasties (420-589), in the state of Chen, there lived a beautiful, intelligent princess named Lechang. She and her husband, Xu Deyan, loved each other dearly. But before long, their country was in danger of being invaded by troops from the Sui Dynasty (581-618). Princess Lechang ...

Where angels tread in Western culture

Legend 08/23/19, 05:35

From ancient times, angels have been present in most religions and beliefs in Western culture. Stories of angels were passed down from generation to generation. They were believed to be the missionaries of God who were sent on missions to assist God in taking care of humans and punishing sinners. ...

The Real Sword in the Stone

Legend 08/21/19, 06:23

Inside Montesiepi chapel located in a small village in the province of Siena in beautiful central Tuscany, there is one of the strangest relics ever discovered. In this little round building, is embedded the sword of Saint Galgano, seemingly thrust into the bedrock up to the hilt.

Tolerance in the midst of terror

Legend 07/29/19, 06:39

Born in turmoil, just over a month before the breakout of the chaotic and bloodthirsty French Revolution, Dauphin (Crown Prince) Louis XVII was surely the unluckiest of France’s kings.  During his short life-span of ten years, little Louis Charles suffered immense pain along with mental and physical torture. Yet the venerable ...

The Monkey king – The super hero very distinct from the others (Video)

Legend 06/11/19, 10:12

The Monkey king or Sun Wukong-from the classic book Journey to the West is a kind of "superhero" representative of traditional Chinese culture. However, it is very different from Western superheroes like Spiderman or Superman. Western superheroes seem vulnerable to human weaknesses. The Monkey King, on the other hand, not ...

An angel’s journey to earth in search of answers

Legend 06/10/19, 13:55

One freezing night during the dead of winter, a poor shoemaker trudged home feeling as dark inside as it was outside. No customers had come to his shop for several days. On his way home, he thought to himself: “There must be little bread left at home.”

The young man who split a mountain to rescue his mother

Legend 05/21/19, 15:48

On the western slope of Mount Hua in Shaanxi Province in China, visitors can see the strange sight of a gigantic rock split perfectly into three parts. According to an ancient legend passed down over the centuries, these cuts are the results of the efforts of demi-god Chen Xiang to ...

Searching for Noah’s ark: A story of scientific importance

Legend 05/10/19, 06:38

Many people who have faith are not surprised by the confirmation of stories and narratives from sacred texts by scientific research. When the content of these stories, which have been passed down through their faith are verified, it brings believers a great sense of confidence. Many scientific endeavors have focused ...

The enigmatic Count of Saint-Germain: is he the first immortal in history?

Legend 04/24/19, 21:40

This mysterious eighteenth-century figure keeps intriguing historians and onlookers alike, as there are multiple records of his presence throughout history. At the same time, nobody really knows anything about the circumstances of his birth, and there are several different stories and dates attributed to his death. Some people are even ...

Did Jesus of Nazareth travel to the Far East?

Legend 04/23/19, 22:27

It is a mistake to think there wasn’t international travel during Jesus’ time.  As this map of ancient merchant routes shows, the known world was linked by land and sea.  Perhaps with some helpful knowledge and influence from Joseph of Arimathea, it would have been easy for Jesus to join ...

A story that threads the line between life and death

Legend 04/23/19, 10:51

This compelling Buddhist story about a monk's decision that would determine whether he lived or died will make you reflect on what is truly important in life. In ancient India, there once was a young man who decided to escape from society and become a monk out of annoyance. Although physically ...

‘It’s more blessed to give than to take…’

Culture 03/29/19, 06:41

People that live in Western countries tend to believe in the concept of ‘cycle of kindness,’ while people living in Eastern countries believe in the ‘Causal Principle’ – they share the belief that when someone does good deeds, they will be rewarded, but when someone does bad deeds, they will ...