NTD reported that 17 workers and vehicles were buried after a mountain collapsed at an open-pit coal mine in Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province. Nine people died, seven were injured, and one is still missing.

The accident happened at around 11:15 local time on July 23. As of 5:50 p.m. that day, rescuers dug up the earth and found 16 people. 

One of them was confirmed dead on the spot, two died on the way to the hospital, and six were seriously injured and died in the hospital after resuscitation failed. 

The other seven suffered minor injuries that were not life-threatening. One person has not been found, and the search and rescue are ongoing.

A similar accident happened in China’s southwest Guizhou province in March, where 14 workers died. 

According to The Guardian, mining accidents are common in China because of poor safety procedures, and regulations are often weakly enforced.

According to DW, the coal mines in China are among the most dangerous in the world. Even so, coal mines in China were encouraged to increase production earlier this month.

China has ramped up mining after a record-breaking heatwave prompted an increase in air conditioners use.

Rising energy consumption has strained the national grid, reaching an all-time high mid-July.

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