The CCP’s sudden tightening of the lockdown order of the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China, led to a mass exodus of employees. A woman from Henan stood outside the window of a high-rise Foxconn building and shouted, “Foxconn employees! Foxconn employees! The bodies were thrown into the garbage.” However, the outside world has not yet been able to confirm this statement.

A video posted online on November 6 showed a young woman with a Henan accent climbing out of the window of a high-rise building and loudly complaining, asking the authorities to do a PCR test for her; otherwise, she would make trouble.

The video has attracted attention on mainland social media. Netizens speculated that the woman could be a Foxconn employee in Zhengzhou who was forced into quarantine.

As revealed by Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou earlier, many employees who are positive for COVID will fall into a desperate situation when they are isolated, without a doctor to treat them, and without medicine. They are not allowed to receive treatment or take a nucleic acid test.

Also, on November 6, another video was posted on Twitter by human rights activist Jennifer Zeng. It shows a person wearing protective gear standing next to a rubbish dump. On the other side of the dump, a black sack is constantly moving, looking like someone is struggling to get out. The victim’s life and death are unknown.

Some netizens questioned whether the person in the sack was one of the missing Foxconn employees. Recently, relatives of Foxconn employees have sought help online to find their family members. On October 29, a wave of employees fled from Foxconn in Zhengzhou—an area where humanitarian disasters because of ‘zero-COVID’—shocked the outside world.

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