The Chinese are still shocked and worried after the attack on a group of 4 women in Tangshan, Hebei Province in June. On August 2, another woman was brutally attack in Tangshan. A man surnamed Zhang drove drove his car over his girlfriend several times killing her.

Global Times reported that, according to information from the police, the incident happened at noon. It seems that the man and his girlfriend had an argument earlier.

According to the images extracted from the security camera, the man intentionally hit the victim with a white SUV in the parking lot. Some witnesses tried to drag the victim to safety, but Zhang immediately rammed his car into these people. And he ran over the woman lying unconscious at least 3 more times. The large circular stain at the site is suspected to be blood.

According to Sohu, at around 4 pm on August 2, the staff at a swimming pool near the place of the incident revealed to a reporter that the woman who was run over was an employee of the swimming pool. Regarding the specific reason for the incident, this person said that it was a personal matter and wouldn’t say. Before the incident, Wang was working as usual.

Earlier, at around 3pm on the same day, the property staff of the apartment building where the incident occurred told Red Star News, “The Public Security Agency intervened” so that the incident was not disclosed specifically online.

Another video shows the seriously injured woman in great pain, but she can’t escape. All she can do is lie there as the suspect drives over her again and again.

According to Vision Times, after the information of the incident was spread, netizens were shocked.

One netizen commented: “After watching the video, whether it’s close-up or far away, one can conclude that humans can do things that even the demons can’t do in this world.”

Some people also questioned the management of the local government, especially in light of the assault on four women at a restaurant in Tangshan in June is still controversial.

According to NetEast, Tangshan police said, “Preliminary investigation results show that the suspect, surnamed Zhang, drove a car and ran over his girlfriend (surnamed Wang) due to a dispute, then fled the scene. After being taken to the hospital the victim did not survive despite their efforts to rescue, and the perpetrator surnamed Zhang was arrested at 3 pm on the same day and the case is still under investigation.”

However, according to Vision Times, netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the report by the Tangshan police, and criticized it saying, “The report is too soft, it is obvious that she was hit until she died.”

One netizen commented: ”It’s not that light at all, this is rolling back and forth. After hitting the person, the car continued to go in a 360-degree circle to roll over the person. The woman was pulled by passersby into the gap between two cars in the parking lot, trying to prevent her from being crushed again, but the man continued to drive past.

Another said: ”The ground has a black circle of blood. But in the end, the man drove away like nothing happened. When the car ran over the girl, the car braked, the two rear wheels stopped hard, the wheels did not roll over the body, but would press on the body, pushing forward, causing more damage.

A netizen wrote: “This incident doesn’t need to consider the context anymore, this is not only intentional to cause death, but the trick is also extremely cruel…”

There is also doubtful opinion that “taken to the hospital, how to bring her to the hospital? Take a shovel? Who brought her to the hospital? Is it the shovel team? I don’t believe there is such a thing, being taken to the hospital, it is technically not curable.” It is known that the victim died on August 2 after being taken to the hospital because of severe injuries.

Some netizens also said that these incidents continue to happen in Tangshan, a national civilized city,” “How are the girls who were beaten in the barbecue shop last time? And how are the suspects being handled?”

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