A couple who are Chinese Communist Party (CCP) longtime members are absolute loyalists to the CCP and communism. However, they came to the U.S. to live and asked their children to settle in the U.S. and not return to China.

In an article published on November 22 on Creaders, writer Zhang Youpu said the couple was friends of his parents.

The two joined the CCP in 1946 and were once assigned to management positions in the CCP’s political system.

After seizing power in the Mainland, Mao Zedong, then the supreme leader of the CCP, successively carried out internal purge campaigns to ensure the leadership of the individual and the CCP.

The purges were so fierce that former General Secretary Hu Yaobang once described that Mao purged them all, leaving only 5% of the party members unpurged. But after several campaigns, all were deemed bad, leaving only Mao surviving as the good guy.

Through countless brutal purge campaigns, Zhang said the couple remained at peace. The CCP and Mao were very fond of them.

CCP always considers the U.S. as an enemy and always propagates hatred of the U.S. to the Chinese people.

Despite that, the couple still sent their eldest son to study and establish a career in the United States. Writer Zhang is the neighbor of this couple’s oldest child.

The CCP member couple later immigrated to the U.S. themselves. Zhang said that the United States granted the couple a green card at the beginning of this century.

Even though they live in America, they have not ceased to condemn capitalism and the American way of life. On the contrary, they repeatedly told Zhang that they hoped the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would one day liberate the United States, wiping out those who dared to oppose Mao and the CCP.

But they act inexplicably. After sending their eldest son to the U.S. to live, they also sought to bring their descendants from China to the U.S.

Zhang shared that he has witnessed the couple telling their children that they have to settle in the United States forever and that no matter how difficult it is, they will never be allowed to return to China.

Zhang added that he once asked this couple: Chairman Mao and CCP treated the couple very well, but why did they let their children immigrate to the U.S., isn’t that a contradiction? They replied: There is no contradiction.

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