On Jan. 27, the South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese regime has agreed to host UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) Michelle Bachelet to visit Xinjiang after the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The breakthrough comes after UNHCR has attempted to plan a visit with Beijing since September 2018.

However, China has set preconditions, including no investigations into human rights abuses, and delayed releasing the UNHCR report on Xinjiang. In response, human rights groups called on Bachelet not to be “fooled” by Beijing.

Sophie Richardson, China Director at Human Rights Watch, told Reuters in an email on Friday, Jan. 28, that “No one, especially the world’s leading human rights diplomat, should be fooled by the Chinese government’s efforts to distract attention away from its crimes against humanity targeting Uyghurs and other Turkic communities.” 

Human rights groups for many years have accused the Chinese regime of systemically oppressing millions of Uighurs and other minority groups in Xinjiang. The United States accused the Chinese administration of genocide.

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