On Sept. 3, a giant dark cloud appeared in the sky of Fuzhou, Fujian province. In May this year, a “bloody” sky also appeared in Fuzhou, stirring public opinion due to its unusualness.

The official Weibo account of Sichuan Radio and Television Station reported that on Sept. 3, a woman in Fuzhou, Fujian recorded a giant mass of dark clouds pressing onto the street. The woman said she had never seen anything like this before.

In the video, a giant mass of dark clouds billows up from the ground like a mountain. The videographer exclaimed: “What’s the reason for this? I don’t know. It’s terrifying. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

NTDTV quoted some netizens as commenting, “It’s a bit scary to look at, the dark clouds overwhelm the city, and the city is about to be destroyed.” and “This is really the first time I’ve seen such dark clouds, won’t there be another major incident?” Warning the world!”

Earlier, on the evening of May 11 this year, a “bloody sky” appeared in Fuzhou. On the evening of May 7, a fiery red sky also appeared over Zhoushan, Zhejiang.

At that time, a netizen left a message quoted by The Epoch Times, “Ominous omen, there may be a natural disaster such as an earthquake somewhere.”

Some netizens also found records and explanations about the bloody sky in historical books: In the first year (1628) of Chongzhen—the last emperor of the Ming dynasty, “the whole Shaanxi sky is as red as blood. The fifth year was famine, the sixth year was flood, the seventh year locusts attacked the crop, famine and drought in Xixiang. September of the eighth year, Lueyang was flooded, houses were swept away. The ninth year were locusts and droughts, the tenth year all crops were lost, the eleventh year locusts filled the sky, the 13th and 14th year were drought..”

Li Chunfeng of the Tang Dynasty said in the book Yisi Zhan, “When the red qi flies out of the sky, within a year, someone will be self-reliant.”

“Red qi, bloody, citadel shed blood.”

“Red qi covers like a bloody sky, leading to severe droughts, famine, and red qi for thousands of miles.”

“When red qi swirls and stops, soldiers will bleed.”

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