China’s exports of major consumer products to the U.S. dropped in October as disruptions due to COVID measures and global slowdown hurt demand. 

The South China Morning Post cited official Chinese customs data released on Sunday, reporting that Chinese exports to the U.S. fell by 12.6 % to $47 billion in October, compared with an 11.6 % decline a month earlier. 

The news outlet reported that key Chinese product exports to the U.S., including mobile phones, clothing, toys, and furniture, fell in October.

The year-end holiday shopping season and a weakened yuan currency could not help China’s exports, reflecting the weakening global demand. 

According to Reuters, official data showed that the country’s exports in October contracted 0.3% from a year ago, a sharp decline from a 5.7% increase in September and much below expectations of a 4.3% increase. 

China’s exports and imports unexpectedly shrank in October, the first simultaneous fall since May 2020. 

Disruptions in the production of major products also hurt China’s exports. 

Earlier this month, workers at Foxconn’s main factory in Zhengzhou, Apple’s key supplier, reportedly showed discontent over the strict COVID measures, leading to disruption in production. 

According to Reuters, Apple’s iPhone production could drop by as much as 30% in the next month at this factory as Chinese authorities continue tightening COVID restrictions.

Foxconn’s main Zhengzhou plant is one of the world’s biggest factories which hires about 200,000 workers.

In addition, the U.S. law banning cotton from Xinjiang due to the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights violations hurts Chinese apparel exports.

Data showed that China’s clothing exports to the U.S. totaled $2.28 billion in October, sharply down 35% from last year. 
The Xinjiang region produces around 90% of China’s cotton. The South China Morning Post cited a survey from 34 major American apparel companies, saying 86% of respondents wanted to cut their cotton apparel sourcing from China because of the ban.

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