At 12:52 p.m. on September 5th, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. As of 9 p.m. on September 6th, the quake had killed at least 74 people, 26 people were missing, and 259 were injured. In addition, many rescuers lined up for PCR tests before joining the rescue.

According to Beijing News, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Luding County, Sichuan, has caused damage and casualties to the Gongga Mountain Ecosystem Experiment and Observation Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. On September 6th, the organization reported that the Institute near the epicenter had been severely damaged, and 18 people from the station were missing.

After the earthquake, the Chinese Academy of Sciences immediately launched an emergency response. They found one person killed and three injured; the remaining 14 were still safe. The victims are female doctoral student graduates from the 2021 class participating in scientific research at the station.

There was information on the internet that, when the earthquake occurred in Luding, Sichuan, rescuers still had to do PCR tests before disaster relief, which sparked heated discussions among netizens.

A video posted on Twitter on September 6th shows people in orange rescue suits with the words “Chinese firefighters” lining up for PCR testing at night. An account named Inty said, “According to reports, on the evening of September 5th, firefighters who arrived at the earthquake area in Sichuan had to do PCR tests before starting the rescue operation.”

This issue has attracted a lot of netizens’ comments, with Vision Times citing some as follows:

  • “Such absurdity is rare in human history;
  • “It makes no sense, when they are still queuing for PCR tests, many lives are waiting to be rescued;
  • “I guess this is not to save lives, but to clean up the wreckage;
  • “Before saving mountain fires, doing PCR tests was absurd enough. Are plants infected? Can a firefighter catch the virus in a high-temperature environment?;
  • “Must have a nucleic acid test before acting! Acting! It’s just acting; the photographer and director are not in a hurry. What are you actors in a hurry to do?;
  • “Pretend to be responsible for everyone;
  • “I wonder how crazy they are!.”

Many argue that the regime underestimates human life:

  • “Cheapen human lives;
  • “Human life is worthless. A nucleic acid test has to be done first!;
  • “After waiting for the PCR test to be done, everyone who had not died under the rubble died already. Rescue workers are both leisurely and heroic. Maybe they’re all happy.;
  • “There’s a funny thing that doesn’t stop, they don’t worry about the people who died in the disaster, they only worry that the emperor (alluding to Xi Jinping) is not happy;
  • “It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable! Nucleic acid testing has become such a big thing, something more important than human life! It’s really sad!;
  • “Nucleic acid testing must be done before disaster relief, nucleic acid testing must be done before search and rescue. Are they doing nucleic acid testing or killing people?.”

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