According to Net Ease, the Beijiang River in Yingde City, Guangdong, reached 36 meters high and exceeded the warning limit of 10 meters on June 22. The Qingyuan Hydrological Bureau said that the water level in the Beijiang River’s main channel will continue to rise due to prolonged rains and upstream water.

Yingde City is located at the confluence of the Beijiang River and Qingjiang River. The heavy rainfall for several days has drowned out many areas and villages.

According to the Qingyuan Hydrological Branch of the Guangdong Provincial Hydrological Bureau, the water level in the Beijiang basin will continue to rise. It has already exceeded the historical record of 34.51 meters on June 18, 1994. 

The Bureau added that the flood prevention task deployed by cities along the river will be critical to avoiding and reducing damages.

The footage of the flood disaster in Yingde, Guangdong, shows it cannot distinguish the boundary between the river bank and the road.

Net Ease stated that the Yingde Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau dispatched an emergency service team to investigate the urban road sections comprehensively. In response to the disaster, 25 pumps with a total drainage volume of 490,000 cubic meters per hour were activated.

The authorities have formed a nearly 300-person emergency rescue team and have evacuated over 4,000 inhabitants.

In the face of the heavy flooding in Yingde, many netizens from Sichuan, Hunan, Beijing, and other places sent words of encouragement and comfort to residents. 

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