During the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 10, a blood moon appeared in the night sky in Beijing, surprising netizens. Some people wondered, will there be a bloody disaster?

The phrase “Blood Moon in Beijing” is hotly searched on Weibo, and Beijing netizens have shared the photos they took, showing that it is indeed a bloody-red moon.

A netizen with the account “long-lasting earthquake” (震长) posted on Weibo, “Maybe due to the weather, the moon in Beijing on the Mid-Autumn Festival’s night is red and round, very prominent. This is a photo taken by netizen ‘Ruya Cheese Travel Photography’ at the Great Wall’s Juyongguan Pass, Changping District, Beijing.”

Another Beijing netizen with the account No classmates (心没同学) said, “Yesterday was cloudy, I thought I wouldn’t see the moon, but when I was about to go home, I suddenly see a red block. It was a very beautiful, round, red moon.”

There were also photos taken by Beijing netizens in the Forbidden City.

However, the ancient Chinese believed that the blood moon was always considered a symbol of great misfortune.

In the book ‘Jing fang yi yao zhan’ (京房易妖占) of the Western Han Dynasty, it was written, “The moon’s color changes: blue is a sign of famine and plague; red is war; yellow is good news; white is drought and mourning; black is deluge.”

The “Houhan shu wuhang liu” (后汉书 · 五行六) said that the moon turned red because humans did something contrary to the heaven’s rule, so the gods warned them to set an example.

In addition, the events related to the blood moon have been recorded by historians.

During the Nanqi Dynasty, there were two blood moon astronomical phenomena. The first Yongtai (永泰) year in 498 was the last year of Emperor Nanqi’s reign, and the blood moon appeared in April that year. Three days later, Sima Wang (司马王) raised an army to rebel. Five months later, Emperor Nanqi died.

A year later, in 499, the blood moon reappeared in the 8th month of the Dong hun hou Dynasty (東昏侯), Shi an wang xiao yao guang (始)安王萧遥光) rebels were killed. However, in 502, Dong hun hou was also killed in another uprising, and the history of Nanqi perished.

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