China continues to battle COVID flare-ups using its ‘zero-COVID’ policy. Yet, the COVID-19 epidemic spread shows no signs of ending. Recently, China’s northwestern city of Xi’an has been hit by Omicron BA.5.2 subvariant, with 18 Covid infections recorded from Saturday to Monday. This new Omicron subvariant was also found in Beijing. Since then, epidemic prevention and control measures have tightened in the capital of China. And a protest then broke out.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), the school allegedly restricted access to the campus following the ‘zero COVID’ strategy. This sparked the outrage of students and school staff. To that end, on July 5, several people gathered at the Beijing Institute of Technology to protest against the school’s order. Shortly after that, several police were dispatched to the scene.

A scholar of modern history, Zhang Lifan, uploaded two short videos about the incident on his personal Twitter on July 6. The incident took place at the entrance of the university. Conflict didn’t happen, but the road was full of police. [Video] [Video]

Zhang revealed on Twitter that on Tuesday, the school adopted new regulations for epidemic prevention and control. Students and school staff found the new regulations unreasonable and impractical, especially for those who want to enter or leave the school.

It is reported that on July 5, the Beijing Institute of Technology’s Retirement Office issued a notice announcing the implementation of new epidemic prevention regulations.

According to the new regulations, if retired faculty and staff living off-campus need to enter or leave the teaching area, they must report to the retired office at least one working day in advance. 

Scanning the health code and measuring body temperature are required to enter or leave the teaching area.

People who have previously lived outside of Beijing or outside of China had to follow relevant policies when entering the university.

RFA contacted the Beijing Institute of Technology security office to inquire more about the situation. However, there was no response as soon as they realized it was the media calling.

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