COVID control measures are getting more severe. According to The Paper, a China state media publishing, the Henan Institute of Engineering in Zhengzhou announced a new policy. Under this policy, the college will pay students up to $740 to report anyone who leaves the school without permission.

According to the English version of Da Ji Yuan news outlet, these students get the reward of spying on each other. As a result, this causes distraction from their studies and incites distrust, fear, and anger.

Students who escape the school walls will be kicked out or forced to quit their studies; those classmates who do not report the case will get probation.

The news also reported on May 23 that many of China’s schools are starting to apply this restriction policy as a further step toward Zero-Covid lockdown.

A student from Jiangxi Province named Zhou Jinyan (a pseudonym) says that there are more and more rules at school.

Zhou added that students will get in trouble if they don’t wear masks, even in the bathroom or taking a shower.

Zhou said that they tell students to report on each other. This means students are closely watched and have no freedom at all.

Students are afraid to think on their own; they don’t want to get kicked out of school.

Zhou Jinyan said that the expelled students are sad, but the parents of expelled ones are even worse.

The Washingtonpost repored on May 18, as the latest example of student discontent in reaction to measures that include locking students in their dorms for weeks. A protest took place late Sunday night at Beijing University.

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