The outside world knows the group called “Chaoyang people” in Beijing as “the fifth largest intelligence organization in the world” in the context of the pandemic raging violently after Beijing came up with “10 new measures”, “Chaoyang people” could no longer hold back. A man in Beijing dared to ask China’s National Health Commission three questions, arousing attention. 

Chaoyang people ask: ‘Who proposed this stupid idea?

On December 18, netizen “Zhao Lanjian” posted a video that reads:

“Chaoyang people belong to the four major “special forces” organizations;

Dare to protest! Dare to ask—who gave the order?

Beijing grandfather has a sly tone of voice!

We appeal to the masses: Catch the evil hand behind;

Dare to ask questions because ‘a clean hand doesn’t need washing’;

A consistent policy reversed overnight;

No slow down, but a sudden turn around;

Abnormalities bring great harm;

Is Beijing not responsible?.”

The video shows a man suspected of being part of the “Chaoyang people” organization said, “Today I asked the Health Commission three questions. First, who came up with the idea for us to line up for hours in the winter to do nucleic acid tests? For a moment the nucleic acid testing points were demolished, a moment the population was relocated, a moment they were abandoned, who came up with this stupid idea?”

“Secondly, who came up with the stupid idea of opening the door to the whole of society, not even a little slowing down, not even a stepping stone, jumping directly from a helicopter, not even have a parachute?” the man continued.

The man asked the third question: “If the workers of the most basic services in the city such as food delivery, express delivery, security, cleaning and medical care, … fell down, including supermarket staff and public transport staff, all tested positive, how will this city work? How do people not panic? Do you have any countermeasures?”

This man added, now there are experts, suddenly saying that mild symptoms are not scary, so: “Before December 7, what did you do? Before December 7, the building near my house was blocked off with a large iron plate, and the whole thing was suddenly dismantled. On the first day, the virus was so scary that everyone was locked at home, but by the second day, everything was fine, and the mild symptoms turned into a flu. Is this because the virus has mutated, or are you mutated?” 

After China announced 10 new pandemic prevention measures on December 7, many localities suddenly relaxed pandemic prevention measures, making fever patients fill hospitals in Beijing and elsewhere. This is because so many people died, and not only the “Chaoyang people” were angry, but also many other places.

A netizen wrote: “Three years of the pandemic, spending a lot of money, (the government) did not build a few new hospitals, did not invest in drug production, did not increase investment in medical education, did not improve the treatment of medical staff, but implemented unscientific nucleic acid testing, built the most useless field hospitals. Now you can’t even buy drugs and you have to buy based on every relationship you have. It’s time to distribute the drugs for free. What makes them turn everything upside down, then say so shamelessly that they’ve protected us for three years?”

The post also said: “When you’re not sick, the whole neighborhood will vaccinate you for free, pay for your vaccinations, and ask you to do free nucleic acids every day. Currently, the Dabai (Chinese pandemic prevention staff) should give free medicine on the streets of Beijing, the residential committee should knock on door to door to distribute medicine. But when you need them, they are nowhere to be seen.”

Beijing funeral homes cannot burn all the bodies in a week

According to a report by the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao, several hospitals, funeral homes, and funeral-related industry chains in Beijing have recently seen a sharp increase in the number of deaths related to the pandemic, leading to an “explosive” funeral service. According to industry insiders, hospitals’ morgues are now full, two bodies are stuffed in one box, and there are 30 corpses piled up on the ground at a morgue. In addition, some funeral homes have purchased cold containers, each of which can hold 20 to 30 bodies. This person also pointed out that on December 17 alone, “more than 2,700 people” died at home from COVID-19 in Beijing, and the funeral service fee has doubled.

Minh Pao quoted a relevant person saying that funeral homes are burning bodies 24/7. The city’s large funeral homes, Babaoshan and Dongjiao, can cremate more than 300 people daily. However, these funeral homes still have over 2,000 bodies left today and “cannot burn all of them in a week.” This person said that due to many rotting unfrozen bodies, the two funeral homes mentioned above urgently purchased cold containers for centralized preservation.

The report indicated that when asked about the current cremation work of 12 government-run funeral homes in Beijing, most of the staff told them that there are currently too many bodies that have not been cremated and need to wait a long time. In addition, a funeral home refuses to accept the bodies sent from outside the locality. An employee of Huairou funeral home said the number of bodies being cremated was “too much, there were a lot of people waiting in line, and we can’t receive more new bodies.”

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