The fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, caused many deaths and injuries, leading to the “white paper revolution” in many places. The purpose of the protest has gradually evolved into a fight for freedom and democracy. Many people protested on Wulumqi street in Shanghai for two consecutive days. Some netizens have witnessed many “riot vehicles” on the streets of Shanghai. The Shanghai authority will likely take a “strong hand.”

The Twitter account named “Li is not your teacher,” documenting unreported events in China, tweeted that a Shanghai citizen provided a video showing many white riot vehicles with “AU” labels in Shanghai streets. Some netizens suggested that this riot vehicle could be the “Third Generation Warrior”—a new generation tactical vehicle developed by Dongfeng Motor Group.

​​In this regard, the Vision Times quoted some netizens’ comments:

Treating their own people like terrorists,”

“So, who is the terrorist? The evil party hides the truth and bans the people from speaking up,” 

“Their people have become the target of anti-terrorism … Aren’t they shameless about that? They are terrorists themselves. Do you know how terrified I am?” 

“We are very honored for being considered terrorists by the CCP.”

According to foreign media reports, a Chinese netizen broke through a firewall set up by the Chinese Communist Party to retweet a notice allegedly posted in a Telegram group of Shanghai residents, which got a lot of attention. The statement called on Shanghai citizens to gather at Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai, at 6:00 p.m. on the 27th, “rush into the government hall, occupy the Shanghai Municipal Government, and form a new government.

The notice reminded participants to “bring any weapons available, wear hats and masks to cover your face” and vows that “together we will destroy all who try to stop us, and together we will rush to rescue those who are captured, beaten, or killed in front of us.” The notice added, “The more people we gather, the stronger we will be,” and “The people will definitely win.”

The end of the notice reads: We call on all Shanghai citizens to join us in action, our future is in our own hands!”

Although there was no occupation by the Shanghai Municipal Government on the evening of November 27, it is widely believed the widespread focus of this announcement reflects the tip of the iceberg regarding the change in the minds of the Chinese people.

To prevent the CCP from arresting people, protestors across China have continuously provided timely news at the scene so that the participants can protect themselves.

For example, citizens received the news in the early morning of November 28 that:

“Tear gas could be used in Xinyuanli, Beijing. Protesters should pay more attention.”

“There is a signal-shielding vehicle at the scene, which will prevent information from being transmitted.”

“To buy daisy flowers, you must register at the police station. The Hangzhou police will question people with fresh flowers and check their mobile phones.”

“Police at People’s Square in Shanghai randomly check people’s cell phones.”

The account “Citizen Power” tweeted that when the police stop and randomly check people, they will check whether that person’s mobile phone has Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and other applications installed.

Deutsche Welle East Asia correspondent William Yang also confirmed related news and tweeted to inform the public.

Citizens reported they heard the police talking after the scene in Wangping Street, Sichuan. Then, the police checked the results and asked how many people were beaten, and one answered three or four people.

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