The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is investigating a Chinese-Canadian businessman, Wei Chengyi, who is accused of participating in a secret network to manipulate Canadian politicians.

According to Global News, Canadian security investigators are also looking into some of the businessman’s properties in Toronto and Vancouver.

These properties are said to serve as the so-called police stations of the Chinese police overseas.

Global News reported last week that Canadian intelligence officials had warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several cabinet ministers about the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in Canada, including efforts to influence the 2019 federal election.

The regime sponsored a secret network involving at least 11 federal candidates in Canada running for office. Wei transferred about $250,000 from the consulate to the candidates.

Trudeau then accused the regime and other countries of playing “aggressive games” with democracies. He insisted that the Canadian government had taken important steps to strengthen the integrity of the electoral process. 

On the sidelines of the G-20 Summit on November 15, Trudeau talked to Xi Jinping about the regime’s interference in Canada’s internal affairs. The Canadian prime minister said he has “serious concerns” about this.

Xi later said that he was not pleased that Trudeau discussed their conversation with the press.

Akshay Singh, international affairs and security scholar at the University of Ottawa, said that Canada should have measures barring businessmen from acting as representatives for the Chinese regime. 
Singh said, “Unlike its partners in Australia and the United States, Canada lacks a method by which to effectively register and track the activities of those who are acting on behalf of the interests of foreign states, as well as an effective means by which to punish interference.”

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