The adjustment of the CCP’s anti-epidemic policy is like a driver trying to hit the brakes but pressing the accelerator, causing China to enter the most chaotic period. On November 14, there was contradictory news from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

A few days ago, a synergistic protest broke out in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent armored riot vehicles, but the people did not back down. The CCP finally gave in, and the lockdown was lifted from the whole city. However, soon after, a large-scale riot broke out in Haizhou district, Guangzhou city, on the evening of November 14.

According to Sound of Hope, migrant workers in Haizhou district, Guangzhou city, face a dilemma because of the lockdown order. That night, thousands of people poured into the street, knocking down barricades. Some people stormed into the district authorities’ headquarters; soon after that, many police came to suppress them.

Lin, a resident of Guangzhou, told Sound of Hope, “All were pushed out, followed by two cars from the other side, one was a police car and the other was a tram without a license plate. I met a lot of special police officers yesterday and the signal disappeared after I got there. Moreover, when I uploaded that video, they deleted it immediately and after 12 hours it was no longer viewable.”

The video shows that at least a dozen police cars have been dispatched, and even a bus has been dispatched to the scene. Special police officers wore white protective gear. Several people had their heads bashed to bleeding. Even a loud noise sounded like gunfire, but some people thought it was the sound of people smashing iron doors.

Another video shows that the police at the scene are armed with guns. Some people were handcuffed with their arms wrapped around their backs.

Rumor has it the man who stormed into the county office was beaten to death. But the news has not been confirmed.

The protest in the Haizhou district differs from the coordinated efforts of the people of Zhuzhou. According to online information, those who poured into the streets to protest were mainly migrant workers living in Chengzhong village, Haizhou district, mainly from Hubei.

Lin told Sound of Hope, “Most of the people there are hired workers from elsewhere, there are more people from Hubei, there are about 300,000 to 400,000 people. Foreigners have to queue for nucleic acid testing and it will take them one or two hours, while local people can have the test done immediately. Dabai also casually said that local people are prioritized. Aren’t they spreading hatred?”

While the people of Guangzhou rebelled against the city’s lockdown, the people of Shijiazhuang were bewildered by the lifting of the lockdown.

Shijiazhuang announced the cancellation of nucleic acid testing, and the school announced the opening. But in the end, parents were so scared that they applied for their children’s absence using different reasons.

There are still a lot of Shijiazhuang residents who insist on queuing for nucleic acid tests. Unfortunately, the staff can’t chase them away with loudspeakers.

A netizen posted that it was obviously morning rush hour on the first day of lifting the lockdown, but the subdivision was very quiet. It has been three years without such a quiet time. No one went to work. Even the elderly, who often go for a walk in the early morning, stay at home.

Sound of Hope commented that the CCP deliberately exaggerated the coronavirus variant’s danger, concealing that most Omicron infections are mild, and used lies to domesticate the Chinese people to a pitiful extent. When the financial resources run out, the CCP has to open up slowly. However, to maintain the legitimacy of the so-called “zero-COVID” policy, officials do not dare to clarify the truth of the CCP’s variant of Omicron. As a result, people chose to lie flat out of fear. This is probably something the CCP did not expect.

After the people of Shijiazhuang panicked for a day, RFA reported on November 15 that the Shijiazhuang Health Commission announced that it would restore the free test site that had just been closed.

Some people commented that they have experienced what it is to be mentally ill in the past two days. The order that changes from day to day has confused people.

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