Vision Times quoted Shanghai residents saying that while Shanghai was in lockdown, the area for senior officials on Kangping Road in Shanghai was still open to traffic. The reason is that this area has many wealthy people and high-ranking CCP cadres/officials. Chinese-language media analyzed the incident and provided more information about the activities of the head of Shanghai: Han Zheng.

Shanghai’s unblocked street

The outlet quoted Liu Qing (pseudonym), a person living in Shanghai, saying that when someone came to post a notice of the lockdown order, one man expressed dissatisfaction and called Beijing directly. He was the one who promoted Hang Zheng.

“(Since he called) so far our alleys have never been blocked off, and I can go out almost every day,” said Liu.

Han is a Standing Member of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China. He has been with the Shanghai government for nearly 40 years. And Kangping Road is a mysterious road with a total length of less than one kilometer. This is the core road of Shanghai. Because the Shanghai Municipal Commission office is also here, the guards are very strict, and taking pictures on some road sections is also forbidden.

Liu said, “There are at most five men in one of my alleys, and they have never been quarantined. Because our area has two special features, there are many rich people and many officials…You don’t know the background of the people who live here. Once you offend/insult any family, two neighbors quarrel, and you go to mediate. Maybe tomorrow Beijing (officials/government) will call you.”

Zhu is a senior in Shanghai’s financial world, having lived there for 40 years. He told NTD reporters that the Shanghai government would treat the privileged class and ordinary people differently, as well as the high-social class and ordinary communities.

Qiu Jiajun, a former associate professor at Tongji University, Shanghai, now living in the United States, told NTD that, not only in Shanghai, influential people around the country are privileged.

Han Zheng also maintains a strict (people) governance system for the people of Shanghai. This is a network that allows the accurate collection of people’s information.

Qiu Jiajun said: “No matter where you live, all Shanghai residents have a fixed network of administrators to manage you by area. It is equivalent to a real-time location tracking system, then precisely monitors your income level. Whether you are a businessman, a second generation of bureaucrats, or a second generation of wealthy people, the government knows exactly how these people will be treated. That’s the so-called network management system that Han Zheng has developed.”

According to Qiu, the purpose of network management is, of course, to maintain stability.

Han’s network works as a real-time location tracker, “because everyone has a mobile phone, whatever your income is, whether you are a businessman, a government official, an official second generation, etc., what kind of treatment do you get?, where do you live, how many children do you have in your family, where do your children go to school, how much is your personal income, the government knows it all.”

The so-called network management, he said, is a strict system to maintain stability, implemented by the CCP throughout society over the past two decades. One of its essential functions is promptly enabling the authorities to grasp the so-called instability factors and to “prevent, control, monitor, and manage major groups of people and major emergencies related to the overall situation.

Qiu Jiajun added that, among the various district authorities in Shanghai, another privilege is to receive special support from the central government through retired cadres in its districts. It is said that, from central to local, this is a unique system of privileges in the world.

Han Zheng is also working hard to protect Shanghai’s privileged class

According to Chinese media, on October 25, 2017, the CCP identified a list of 7 members of the Standing Committee, including Mr. Xi Jinping and Han Zheng.

NTD said Han Zheng is the current Standing Member of the General Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China. He was an important member of Jiang Zemin’s faction.

Shanghai is considered the (working) area of Jiang Zemin, the Former President of the People’s Republic of China. 

The BBC quoted Associate Professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego, Victor Shi (Shi Zhonghan), as saying that Han Zheng’s entire political path revolved around Shanghai, and Jiang Zemin and his faction trained him.On November 22, 2013, Reuters reported from a source that Jiang Zemin hoped Han Zheng would stay in Shanghai to look after the Jiang family’s interests.

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