As the Daily Mail reported, in a speech at the Georgia Institute of Technology on Thursday, April 14, CIA Director William Burns said, “Xi Jinping’s China is our greatest challenge, in many ways the most profound test the CIA has ever faced.”

The CIA Director also said China is a “formidable competitor lacking in neither ambition nor capability.”

He added, “It [the Chinese government] seeks to overtake us in literally every domain, from economic strength to military power, and from space to cyberspace.”

Burns pointed out that China wants to replace the U.S. to become “the preeminent power in the Indo-Pacific.”

Facing such ambition, CBS cited Burns saying that the CIA will “double” the number of its Mandarin-speaking officers and increase overseas posts focused on Beijing.

He said, “Nothing will matter more to our long-term success as an intelligence agency than how well we compete with the [People’s Republic of China] and how well we organize ourselves for that competition over the next few years.”

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