The Japanese Defense Ministry on Tuesday said its military forces had spotted five Russian warships sailing alongside an anti-submarine destroyer through the Tsushima Strait. He added that Chinese warships have been around Japan since June 12.

At least three Chinese vessels can be seen from the Izu Islands, about 310 miles south of Tokyo. One of those appeared to be the Lhasa, a guided-missile destroyer.

James Brown, associate professor of political science in Tokyo, commented, “This is an obvious show of force from Russia and China.”

He added, “These activities are a major worry for Japan. Not least, tracking the movements of both Russian and Chinese military forces are a strain on the resources of the Japan Self Defense Forces”.

According to CNN, Japan did not assert that the Russian and Chinese ships coordinated their operations. 

Chinese and Russian warships participated in maneuvers off the coast of Japan in October of last year, while their air forces also coordinated strategic air patrols in the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, and the Western Pacific in May of this year.

The Chinese military then explained that it was an annual military exercise between China and Russia.

Brown said that Beijing wants to show its displeasure with Tokyo regarding the security of Taiwan, which the CCP considers a domestic matter.

Meanwhile, after Russian forces invaded its European neighbor about four months ago, Tokyo’s support for Ukraine infuriated Moscow. Sanctions on Moscow and the expulsion of Russian diplomats are examples of this backing.

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