The Beijing regime requires all regions and departments not to discuss the Central Committee arbitrarily.

According to a Radio Free Asia report on May 16, Chinese state media Xinhua News published an official document prohibiting retired party leaders from discussing the Party Central Committee’s significant policies, disseminating politically negative remarks, or participating in illegal social organization activities.

The General Office of the Central Committee issued the regulation titled “Opinions on Strengthening the Party Building of Retired Cadres in the New Era.”

It also requires retired cadres to stand firm on whatever is paramount, right or wrong, be loyal to the party, obey the party’s command, and fulfill their responsibilities to the party.

The Central Office also suggested that the person in charge should take the initiative “talk heart to heart” to calm the retired cadres down to keep abreast of their ideological situation and political work.

South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese Communist Party is getting ready for its 20th party congress, which happens twice in ten years. President Xi Jinping expects to become a Third-term party leader for the first time since the Mao Zedong era.

A retired official from Guangdong said that this new restriction allows the Central Office to tighten control over retired cadres.

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