China Evergrande will look for a six-month delay on a $157 million onshore bond payment.

As Reuters reported, the world’s most indebted developer has yet to miss on any onshore bond payments, which are more senior than offshore debt. At the end of a month-long grace period early last month, the company failed to make $82.5 million in offshore interest payments.

According to a statement released Wednesday, Jan. 5 by Evergrande, the property giant will put forward the plea at a meeting with yuan bondholders on Jan.7-10. Evergrande shares listed in Hong Kong traded down 2.5% after that.

Evergrande said they would stop trading in bonds from Jan. 6 after reopening trading on Jan. 4 due to the impact of the order to dismantle 39 buildings on Haihua island.

Evergrande also wants to delay redemption and coupon payments on one bond of about $700 million from January to July. It will also give creditors the option to sell bonds back to the issuer this weekend.

Evergrande’s publicly announced meeting with domestic bondholders stands in stark contrast to the silence it has continued to maintain on offshore debt since it missed its first dollar-denominated payment in September.

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