Chinese news agency Aboluowang reported that on the Douyin platform (the Chinese version of Tiktok), many videos with almost the same content have appeared with the topic: “If the country is lost, homes will also be ruined. Russia has entered the most difficult period. People line up to bank their savings to save their country!”

But the truth about these images was revealed to have belonged to unrelated events, and the content was completely distorted.

The Russia-loving community in China has released a series of videos and photos with the following content:

“Without a country, there is no home

Russia entered the most difficult period

People line up to save their country.”

Or posters with similar content: “When the country is lost, homes are also ruined. Russia has entered the most difficult period, people are lining up to bank their savings to save their country, build their homeland and defend their motherland.” 

These videos have similar content repeated: “Country is the foundation of families. When the country is lost, homes are also ruined. Russia has entered the most difficult period, people are lining up to bank their savings to save their country.” 

“The Russians save the country with their own money. #Peaceful World# In difficult times, people line up to save their country.”

What is the real truth behind this? How fake are those widely circulated photos and videos? After all, what are the motives of the Chinese supporters and fans of Russia?

The Aboluowang news has pointed out that these photos and videos are fake. They appeared in 2008, 2014, and 2017… before the time of the Russia – Ukraine war. The Russian online community released these fake pieces of evidence most likely to propagate the so-called ‘positive energy.’

The news agency said, of course, patriotism is good, but spreading false rumors is not okay. 

By contrast, you will get a ‘slap in the face’ (啪啪打脸)—this is the Chinese term that indicates when you express an opinion, but the reality is the opposite of yours, then you will be humiliated, like getting a slap in the face.

The pro-Russia online community in China received 5 ‘slaps in the face.’

The first slap:

In fact, this photo was cut by the Russian online community from the original photo taken on June 1, 2017, at the O2 Arena, London.

Hundreds of ticket-holders lined up to enter the stadium to see British singer Ed Sheeran’s performance. In the original photo posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, user Georgia Diebelius wrote: “The scene of waiting in line to watch the concert shows how brilliant Britons are when it comes to queuing.”

The second slap: 

“The country has its ups and downs. Everyone has a responsibility to the country. As soon as Russia entered the most difficult period, in the past two and a half months, the Russian military has spent 6.1 billion yuan every day in Ukraine and has used up a year’s worth of military spending. Russian people are lining up to bank their savings to save the country.

When the country is lost, homes are also ruined. The power of the warlike nation. What do you think when you see the original?” 

In fact, in the previous image, which was taken on December 17, 2014, Russian customers were then lining up to buy electronic items inside an M-Video store in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. Consumer products’ prices have increased amid fears that prices will rise further during the country’s worst currency crisis since 1998.

The third slap: 

Chinese videos say that many Ukrainians are fleeing with money, but Russians are doing the opposite, waiting in long lines to go to the bank to save the country…

In fact, the photo above was reported by Reuters with the content: Historic: The move is Russia’s largest single rise since 1998 when Interest rates soared past 100 percent, the government defaulted on debt, and people queued on Moscow’s streets to withdraw their savings.

The fourth slap: 

The Chinese video notes: “From tens to hundreds of thousands of people, all of them are contributing. The Russian people are admirable. Russians wait in long lines to go to the bank to withdraw their savings, all the families support with actions. Unity is strength. Moments of action that transmit positive energy..” 

Actually, according to results of the popular search engine TinEye, this photo shows Russians queuing in front of a branch of Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned commercial bank. It first appeared in 2008 and had nothing to do with the Russia-Ukraine war. 

And this is the fifth slap in the face of the pro-Russian Chinese online community.

In reality, the photo above was taken on February 27, 2022. After Russia was severely punished by the U.S. and Europe for attacking Ukraine, causing the Russian ruble to sharply depreciate, Russians flocked to the ATM machines. Besides, a long line of people is ready to withdraw their money. Note that, this is the withdrawal, not the deposit to save the country.

The Aboluowang news agency notes to Chinese-speaking readers that, everyone should remember, social media is full of false rumors, and the pro-Russian Chinese online community loves to spread rumors, so you must always be on your guard, avoid being manipulated by false rumors and directed public opinions.

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