The new British Prime Minister declared China an “acute threat” to her country’s security.

On August 29, a week before taking office as the third female Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss said she had been ready to declare China an “acute threat” to national security if she took the office she now holds, Daily Mail reported.

Mary Elizabeth Truss, 47, known as Liz Truss, served as Foreign Secretary between 2021 and 2022. And today, she is the current leader of the Conservative Party, replacing Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

On a visit to Australia on January 25, Truss also said that China and Russia were working together to expand their influence and dominance. And she called them “aggressors.”

Truss further hinted, “Beijing could use a Russian invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity to launch its own aggression in the region.” The Guardian reported.

On July 27, Truss launched the “New Commonwealth Deal” agreement aimed at strengthening economic relations with member countries.

The Commonwealth is a political association of 56 member states, the vast majority of which are former British territories.

According to The National News, a campaign representative said, “Liz believes the Commonwealth is vital to counter the influence of China and other authoritarian regimes that seek to undermine democratic values and freedom.

“She believes that trade and investment have a key role to play in stopping growing Chinese influence, where Beijing has used investment as part of its “Belt and Road Initiative.”

The Belt and Road Initiative is a plan that aims to connect the Chinese regime with the rest of the world.

It was created in 2013 by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and is a multi-billion dollar infrastructure program that aims to link the Asian giant with more than 100 countries through rail, maritime, and energy projects.

U.S. lawmaker Brad Wenstrup believes this initiative is a hoax for many countries and poses risks to U.S. security.

Wenstrup introduced legislation on February 18 to address the Chinese regime’s investments in seaports worldwide.

The lawmaker explained how China has set foot in different countries and built seaports to expand the Chinese military, which worries the U.S.

He added that once the Chinese government has made its investments, they will treat those countries as their hostages. For a long time, the U.S. has not paid attention to this. But Australia is now aware that this is a problem and is doing what it can to slow down the expansion of those ports worldwide.

He also said that the real goal of the Chinese regime’s Belt and Road Initiative is world domination: “The truth about the Communist Party’s Belt and Road Initiative is that it’s a communist-run circle, a communist-run world, and that’s a problem.”

China sends military troops to Russia

The Chinese regime is sending military troops to Russia for the Moscow 2022 International Army Games, alerting the West to possible joint military exercises.

On July 25, the Chinese military sent troops and tanks from the Chinese city of Manzhouli to the Russian city of Zabaikalsk.

Manzhouli shares a border with Zabaikalsk and traditionally serves as an important land port of entry between China and Russia.

India and China withdraw troops from disputed border area

After two years of conflict, the Indian government declared on September 8 that both countries were beginning to withdraw their troops from the tension zone.

The Indian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that:

“Indian and Chinese troops in the Gogra-Hotsprings area have started withdrawing in a coordinated and planned manner, leading to peace and tranquility in the border areas.”

However, “the Chinese embassy in New Delhi did not immediately respond to calls or an email.” Reuters reported.

In addition, Reuters said that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are anticipated to meet next week in Uzbekistan.

The border was manned by at least 50,000 troops, from both sides, along with the deployment of tanks, artillery and fighter jets.

However, due to pacts that did not allow the use of firearms, at least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers have been killed in fist, stone, and club clashes along the border in the past two years.

The truth is that the Chinese communist regime is spreading its military troops worldwide in a plan to exert global dominance, which worries many countries in the West because of its criticized human rights record.

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