On March 12, Xinhua reported that Liu Yanping 刘延平, former head of the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, was “suspected of serious disciplinary violations” and being investigated.

Liu Yanping was born in August 1955, a native of Fengnan, Hebei province.

In June 2013, he served in China’s public security system for a long time and became vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security.

In May 2015, Liu was appointed to the head of the Supervision Team of the Discipline Inspection under the Ministry of State Security.

Liu Yanping is the 4th vice minister of public security investigated since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, after Meng Hongwei, Sun Lijun, and Fu Zhenghua.

Liu Yanping was accused of having a close relationship with Sun Lijun (孙立军), former vice minister of public security, who was ousted in April 2020 and was “double-fired” in September 2021.

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