Recently, a man in Xinxiang city, Henan province, China, drove straight into four pandemic workers because he was upset that the workers wanted to check his health code. He then stabbed a female worker in the stomach with a knife.

According to Vision Times, on October 4, a video circulated on the internet showing that a man upset with pandemic prevention and control staff checking his health code in Xinxiang city. So he drove a car into 4 people and assaulted a group of pandemic prevention staff with a knife.

The video shows a car running straight into a man wearing a protective suit. It then rammed the pandemic tent. A woman in a white shirt fell to the ground. The perpetrator was a man in a white blazer who stabbed the woman with a knife.

The explanation in the video says, “This scene in the video happened in Xinxiang, Henan. Four employees were on duty at the pandemic checkpoint when suddenly a Volkswagen hit a man, then the driver stabbed a female employee in the stomach with a knife. The cause of this incident was only because a pandemic prevention inspection. One man with knowledge of the situation said, ‘When he arrived, we checked his health code, and he said his mobile phone had no internet connection.'”

Another video shows (0:7) of the incident that happened on August 18. “Before the incident, the man did not obey the epidemic prevention regulations, so he crashed his car into the police to take revenge.”

In recent days, Henan province has continued to have local infections. According to data reported on the official website of the Health Commission of Henan Province, Henan province still had 6,577 close contacts and 127 asymptomatic cases by the end of 23h on October 3. 

Rewards for whistleblowers

NetEase reported that on October 3, the government of Shenqiu district, Henan province announced a mechanism to reward and punish warnings about the pandemic. The notice said that “guard stations” such as grassroots health agencies, restaurants, pharmacies, eateries, supermarkets, taxis, when scanning the health code detect people with yellow codes, they should check their itinerary. If there is a history of travel and residence in high- and medium-risk places, they must immediately report them and take temporary measures to control the pandemic. Each person who reports these incidents will get 200 yuan (about $28). A person will get 500 yuan (about $70) for reporting someone with a red code.

If workers at a “guard station” detect people with a fever with a history of travel and residence in places with medium and high risk of disease, and they promptly report and implement temporary supervision and management measures they will receive 5,000 yuan (about $702) for each person discovered. If a fever patient tests positive, the person who reported them it will receive 50,000 yuan ($7,026). If the “guard station” does not scan for codes, does not check the code, and lets people in and out at will, the first whistleblower will be rewarded with 100 yuan (about $14) for each reported case.

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