Thousands of Henan rural bank depositors from all over China recently gathered in front of the People’s Bank of China in Zhengzhou, Henan province, to protest. An unidentified white shirt force stood before the police to stop and even attack people. Then Chinese netizens hunted for information and concluded that, from their uniform, hairstyle, age, etc., the white shirt people could be armed police or plainclothesmen.

According to the Chinese media, and as we reported, in the early morning of July 10, thousands of depositors from all over the country gathered in front of the Zhengzhou Bank of China Branch in Zhengzhou Financial Building, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. Many police officers and unidentified white-shirt people surrounded the depositors during the protest. Canadian scholar Wang Huiling said this is one of the popular tricks used by the Chinese regime to suppress citizens.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency CNA, Taiwan’s popular political science website “Vegetable Market Politics” published an article on July 11 by Huiling, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, introducing “outsourced suppression.” The article tries to answer the question: why was the Chinese government able to avoid backlash from the people when it revoked land massively in order for the rate of social development to be higher than in a democratic country? 

Huiling pointed out that the Chinese government makes good use of two outsourcing suppression tools, outsourcing thugs and mass mobilization, to evade government responsibilities and reduce costs.

Huiling said of 2,209 protests involving forced evictions of people to take their land between 1992 and 2007; he found that 973 times uniformed forces (usually in black clothes) appeared, and their presence often increased the probability of casualties in incidents.

Some netizens recently exposed the uniform of the “white shirt force”:

The name of the white short-sleeved shirt is “summer short-sleeved duty shirt” it has the inscription “armed police” or “police,” the production date is March 2021, and the manufacturer is “3502”, possibly the uniform manufacturer’s symbol.

In addition, netizens also found photos of armed police officers in white uniforms lining up and ready to walk. Two armed policemen held baton-style items and military loudspeakers. They were all young men with neat haircuts.

This outfit is the same as the white-shirted men who appeared in front of the People’s Bank of China in Zhengzhou. Netizens speculated that they could all be armed police or reserve, unpaid members (not official members yet) of the police force.

These white-shirt people are very cruel to depositors. One video on Twitter shows them beating a person.

Not stopping there, white shirt people also stood to form a wall to prevent depositors at the scene from escaping.

White-shirt men pulled and beat down depositors who refused to leave on the steps in front of the People’s Bank of China.

Netizens also said that the police with the number 014749 used to wear similar white clothes.

Netizens expressed, “I saw an article yesterday, introducing what happened in Zhengzhou, this is embarrassing. It’s already 2022, so it’s a bit hard to understand why such a thing is still happening. Thousands of people save their hard-earned money to have a little extra money in the bank. Why not arrest the fugitives or those suspected of breaking the law, but arrest the depositors? Some were beaten and kicked… I really can’t understand. Zhengzhou and Henan leaders, please give an explanation.”

Some netizens expressed their frustration on Weibo: “Thousands of people depositing money in front of the gate of the People’s Bank of Henan were surrounded and some were beaten, deleting the post then what problem can be solved? You don’t really solve the problem, only ‘solve’ the person who asked the problem?”

“Now is the time for Henan to stand up and tell the public why they were arrested? Why do police in black and white (clothes) work without police uniforms? Why are those who defend their rights criminals?”

The Epoch Times has compiled several comments from Chinese netizens. A post on Weibo read: “It’s horrible that a group of white shirt men beat people with iron rods. Disabled people were beaten unconscious, and some people’s eyes were bleeding. They didn’t spare women, even pregnant women. Heaven is watching, and every revolution starts with bloodshed.”

Other netizens said the Henan government’s way of doing things is like a gangster. “In broad daylight, several unidentified persons beat and kicked depositors! This is an atrocity”; “Henan gangster!”; “They don’t treat ordinary people as human beings”; “This is similar to the Tangshan violent incident”; “It turns out that the biggest gang is themselves the (authorities).”

Many residents look at the incident in Henan and question whether their deposits are safe: “So, is it still safe to save money in the bank? Or shall we all keep money at home?”

Another commented: “They have lost people’s trust and can never regain it.”

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