According to a report released by Human Rights Watch on September 5, Chinese authorities have collected DNA samples across Tibet. These efforts involve taking blood samples from kindergarten children, apparently without their parent’s consent.

All seven prefectures or municipalities in the Tibet Autonomous Region are subject to these mass DNA collections.

According to Wionews, the Chinese regime has started to speed up its operation in the past few weeks.

A study published by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab reveals that China has gathered over 1.2 million DNA samples in the last five years. 

The study examined 100 publicly accessible sources before reaching its conclusion.

The sources also included 44 reports with data on the number of DNA samples police had gathered in specific regions of Tibet.

Men, women, and children, along with Buddhist monks, are targeted in the study for DNA collection. The study read, “Our research suggests that mass DNA collection is a form of social control directed against the Tibetan people. In some cases, police have targeted Buddhist monks.”

Although the rights organization stated it threatens individual privacy rights, Chinese authorities have defended its campaign as a crime prevention measure.

Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, said, “The Chinese government is already subjecting Tibetans to pervasive repression. Now the authorities are literally taking blood without consent to strengthen their surveillance capabilities.”
In addition to violating the rights of Tibetans and mainland Chinese, the regime is accused by nations like the U.S. of attempting to collect gene data worldwide.

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