Recently, the Chinese regime announced with great fanfare its new and controversial experiment with primates in space. For now it is going for the reproduction, of animals. This was announced by scientist Zhang Lu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, when he said that they will be experimenting in Wentian, the largest module of China’s Tiangong space station.

Zhang said in a speech at the academy on October 31, that after studying smaller creatures, “some studies will be carried out on mice and macaques to see how they grow or even reproduce in space.”

According to the Chinese scientist, the purpose of this experiment is to have a more complete understanding of how organisms adapt “to microgravity and other space environments.”

However, the experiments do not appear to be that simple, since in space matter undergoes certain alterations. Kehkooi Kee, a professor at Tsinghua University’s medical school, said that the experiments conducted so far in space exponentially increased the size of the animals used.

For example, in the case of humans in space, astronauts not only increased in height, but their leg bones, spine, and hips experienced a significant decrease in load as they did not have to walk, which also caused their muscles to weaken. The stay in space affected the size of their hearts, created balance problems with ear fluid, and caused disorientation.

It is very likely that all these adverse physical effects are also experienced by the animals and when it comes to mating it is a complication.

In addition, monkeys’ behavior can also be affected by prolonged confinement in small spaces. Rocket travel may frighten the primates and generate negative and uncontrollable reactions.

It is not yet known how Chinese scientists will achieve primate reproduction, given all the complications. What is clear is that the experiment is only one part of the Chinese regime’s space program, and its apparent goal is human reproduction in space in the not too distant future.

The end justifies the means; guiding principle of the Chinese regime

Advances in science have always meant prestige, influence, and world leadership for a country. That is why the Chinese Communist Party has been striving to become a scientific and technological superpower, leaving aside the ethical principles that limit research and reminds scientists that they are not God.

At the end of March the Chinese regime published guidelines advocating “a system of scientific and technological ethics with Chinese characteristics.” These guidelines for the scientific field state that “ethics” in research should reflect national identity; a concept as broad as it is relative when it comes to what the CCP means by nationalism.

Based on this framework of amorality, Chinese scientists have experimented on humans and animals alike. For example, they created superbabies by altering their DNA and making them resistant to HIV.

Of course, when it comes to animals, there is even less consideration during experimentation. So much so that in March, scientists from the Artificial Intelligence Faculty of Nankai University in Tianjin announced the birth of seven cloned pigs.

In its eagerness to reach the world forefront in biotechnology, the Chinese regime ignored the cruelty of the experiment and created, in 2021, pregnant male rats. The procedure involved transplanting a uterus and joining the male and female blood streams.

Thus, these ethical guidelines established by the CCP do not restrict these procedures and, on the contrary, drive scientific development without limits. Experimenting on animals and then applying them to humans has been a step that the Chinese regime has been setting for some time, and its people have been the guinea pigs.

DNA collection in Tibet and Xinjiang, facial recognition, and other technologies used only obey an effort by the Chinese communist regime for greater social control using science as a tool.

The Chinese communist regime knows that if it wants to advance its total domination, it must first have all the scientific knowledge that will make it a superpower. What the CCP forgets, or prefers to ignore, is that the true science that leads to enlightenment and wisdom is the knowledge from God.

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