The fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong continues to advance on Monday, March 7. According to data by Worldometers, the death rates surged more than three-fold from February 28, climbing from 85 cases to 280 cases.

On that day, the average death rate per 1 million people in the city rose to 29.18 cases, which more than doubled Latvia’s 9.26 figure, the second top-ranking country in COVID-19 deaths.

On January 23 last year, the US had an average of 9.38 deaths per million people, and the UK had 18.31. At that time, Hong Kong recorded 0.11.

According to Hong Kong Department of Health data, the death toll of two age groups of 12 to 39 and from 40 to 59 years old accounted for 4.9% of the overall cases.

The over 60 years old rates soared to 94.9%, of which over 80 years old accounted for 68.9%.

According to Sina News, Ou Jiarong 欧家荣, chief doctor of infectious diseases at the Center for Health Protection, said at a press conference that, as of 0:00 on the 7th, there were 25,150 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong, of which 25,118 were local cases.

He said a total of 484,136 people had been infected in this round of the lethal pandemic. A total of 2,074 people have died, and the fatality rate was 0.43%.

According to Dr. Sara Ho Yuen-ha, the chief manager of the hospital authority, another 161 patients died in the past 24 hours, including 106 males and 55 females, aged between 29 and 102.

According to Hong Kong media Mingpao (明报), Dr. Leung Pak-yin (or 梁栢賢), the former chief executive of the Hospital Authority, said the current death toll could be inaccurate. This is because the peak of the epidemic situation varies from place to place, and citizens who tested positive for the virus could not get reported.

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