As cases of Covid began to resurface in Shanghai, the city government is again implementing extreme anti-epidemic measures, and residents have had enough.

 Some residents were heard screaming: “How can we survive?”. Others, unable to bear the stress, knelt in the middle of the road, and bowed their heads, crying. In some places, tickets were being sold to allow entry into the residential area.

Pressure in Baoshan, as nucleic acid testing increases

According to the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, on July 25, there were 19 new local positive cases and nine imported ones in Shanghai. On July 26, there were 16 new cases locally and 13 new imported cases. On July 27, there were 14 new cases locally and 36 newly imported. On July 28, there were seven new local infections and 18 imported cases. Shanghai reported 132 new positive cases for four consecutive days.

Baoshan District in Shanghai has officially notified residents that it expects to continue to conduct three rounds of nucleic acid tests in the area on the evenings of July 29, 30, and 31. Before the test results are available, the villages will be closed. People still require a negative nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours to be allowed to leave the residential area the next day. Employees working at the unit in the area can leave after giving a sample and must provide a negative test within 24 hours to return to work.

NetEase reported that on July 20, Shanghai officially announced the normalization of epidemic prevention and control; two concentrated isolation areas with at least 8,000 beds have been arranged in the inner city for emergency cases.

On July 27, a video went viral on the Internet, many residential areas in Shanghai are being closed and controlled, and residents feel helpless: “Today, they are making no sense, and lockdown! Lockdown again!” Workers can be seen hurriedly blocking the gate of the residential area with barbed wire.

In another scene, a security guard at the gate of a residential area is checking the exiting vehicle when a man says: “Now when you go out, you have to scan the location code.” A man sighed while looking down the road that had been closed earlier: “I thought that it was over in the first half of the year, but it would come again in the second half of the year. It’s not easy to live!” One residential area has even been locked down three times.

Other footage shows a sign, “Temporary entrance permit for Xingu Village on July 24, 2022”. One man said: “I have only heard about people buying entrance tickets to enter the park; people purchase entrance tickets to enter amusement parks. I have seen people buy entrance tickets to go out of residential areas. Nucleic acid tests are performed on one person at a time, and then they can go out. Otherwise, they are locked in residential or house areas and can’t go out.”

In the video, the steady flow of cars at night does not deter one man, who can be seen kneeling on the road, constantly bowing to passing vehicles, and shouting something; the cars swerve to avoid hitting him. Netizens commented: “Shanghai’s implementing the zero-covid anti-epidemic policy has tormented the people endlessly, making them go crazy and cry bitterly in the middle of the street.”

Merchants in Shanghai are also struggling

Households that conduct business are working in closed markets and are “sneakily selling.” One woman says: “damn epidemic, we are now having to trade sneakily.” Many business households must work by the roadside to survive.

A vegetable market in the Baoshan district was also in a financial slump, and the owner was miserable. A female shopkeeper said: “I live in Baoshan, and there are many residential areas near our area. Every day until 6 o’clock, they only let you in but can not go out, then start the nucleic acid tests. This place has no people, and we cannot earn money from renting rooms. It’s a big loss.”

In the hot weather, people stood in long queues to enter the supermarket to buy food. One woman said: “Oh my God, buying food is not easy! It’s so hot!”

Vision Times has compiled some comments from people: “This incident is exaggeratedly bent, wasting a lot of money, and making people miserable.”

Another said: “I vaguely remember that when Shanghai was not under lockdown, people were holding red flags and singing red songs, with their faces proud of the CCP. Now they say, it’s a dictatorial party, and disaster everywhere.”

A poster named John Ling retweeted a comment: “Every time I watch a video in which someone says they hope the epidemic will end soon and they could quickly return to normal life, I think about what these people’s brains are made of. The brain is a good thing, and it’s a pity because you don’t have it. It’s a pity. This epidemic won’t end, and it will always reoccur. Could the lockdown be repeated like that? The problem is not the epidemic, but the method to find a way to completely eliminate it.”

He added, “it’s truly hitting the nail on the head.”

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