Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Urumqi, and other Chinese cities and hundreds of colleges and universities held protests on Sunday, November 27 to commemorate the victims of the fire in Urumqi, resist the lockdown, demand freedom, democracy, and called for “the CCP to step down.” Soon after, Chinese students in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and other parts of the world and held rallies to support anti-violent activities in China.

In front of the CCP Consulate in Toronto, Canada, the Citizens AssCommunist Partyociation of Chinese international students held a rally with the theme “Resist the CCP’s tyranny and support the protesters in China.” Between 500 and 600 people attended the rally, including Chinese international students, Chinese Canadians, and Xinjiang Uyghurs. Most came to the rally after seeing posters on the internet.

That night, people brought posters, flowers, and candles to the scene to commemorate the victims of the fire in Urumqi. Many people gave enthusiastic speeches. Holding papers expressing their demands, everyone chanted in unison, “Communist Party step down,” expressing anger at the CCP’s tyranny.

Yi Han, a Chinese international student speaking at the scene, told a Sound of Hope reporter on November 29 that the memorial was just the beginning, and the real appeal of the protest remains true freedom, democracy, and human rights. Yi said, “I think the idea of having a memorial service is really good. The main purpose is to wake up more people to stand up against the tyranny of the CCP.”

On the same day, Chinese and overseas Chinese students from Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom also held rallies opposing the CCP’s tyranny.

News commentator Zhao Pei said: The CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy has pushed people into a pit of misery. The Chinese people realize that all problems are caused by the CCP. Zhao went on to say, “If you are like many students at Tsinghua University, who protest very loudly but don’t dare give up school, the CCP is not afraid. The CCP is afraid of things like in Chengdu and Wuhan, where people directly knock down quarantine walls and take to the streets, and directly shake the CCP’s base.”

Zhao Pei believes that the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy is actually a political maneuver.The West predicts that this policy may end at the CCP second session next year, at which point the CCP will surely declare victory over the pandemic.

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