The Supply and Marketing Cooperative, a ministerial-level unit under the CCP’s State Council, was quietly restarted by the Xi Jinping in 2015, after more than 40 years of silence. At the 20th National Congress, Liang Huiling, director of the China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Alliance Council, was promoted as a member of the CCP‘s Central Committee, which shows that her political status was raised again. According to external analysis, Xi may be looking to return to the planned economic system – an old policy that could destroy China.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on October 31 that in the past seven years, supply and marketing cooperatives have been vigorously rebuilt under Xi’s leadership.

Chen Jun, founder of Today’s Question, believes that the information revealed by the 20th National Congress shows signs of Xi’s separation from the outside world, which is very easy to see. The possibility of Xi’s return to the planned economy will become increasingly clear.

Song Weijun, a researcher at the overseas consulting organization “Tianjun Political Economy,” said that the outside world is paying attention to whether China is returning to the planned economy model or not. Currently, the social environment has changed and it is impossible to follow the old path of unified trading. However, the CCP can create a version of the planned economy and intervene in the economy with more control. No matter what words the CCP uses to cover up its policies, it always follows a planned economic model.

Lei Ge, a senior media officer, said that the report of the CCP’s 20th National Congress shows that China is returning to the planned economy period. Therefore, the authorities must step in to prepare. Supply and marketing cooperatives established in various places is an integral part of Xi’s strategic vision for China’s development; in isolation from the outside world, supply and marketing partnerships may play a role. As a product of the planned economy and a part of the state-owned economy, the main object of service in the supply and marketing cooperative is rural farmers. In the past 5 years, the CCP has restored more than 10,000 basic supply and consumption cooperatives, and now there are more than 30,000 cooperatives covering more than 95% of China.

Lei, who understands China’s supply and marketing system, said that compared to people in China’s modern cities, farmers living in rural areas are difficult to manage. Supply and marketing cooperatives can help the regime control farmers by implementing uniform buying and selling of agricultural products.

Zhang Jian, an expert on China, told The Epoch Times that restoring the model of cooperation in supply and marketing is a disaster; Whether viewed from a market economy perspective or from other perspectives, it is a kind of destruction of life and human nature. People are currently in a very difficult economic period. If they pursue such a policy, is the Chinese regime laying the foundation to push the country to the brink of destruction? Does China want to follow in the steps of North Korea, imprisoning people in very poor living conditions?

Xie Tian, ​​a professor at the Aiken School of Business at the University of South Carolina, told The Epoch Times that behind the unified trading market is a full-fledged state monopoly.

He said, “Behind the unified nationwide trading market is the comprehensive monopoly of the CCP. This regime uses a cooperative supply and marketing model to expand to cities, towns, and anywhere possible. This is really the old road to becoming a planned economy. For the Chinese people, this is a disaster, a total disaster.”

In addition, according to a senior communications executive quoted by Radio Free Asia (RFA), as the CCP’s conflicts with Europe and the United States intensify, the regime will restore supply cooperation and marketing for complete control over the logistics system.The senior communications executive said the system of supply and marketing cooperation always exists. Despite the fact that it is not efficient, it is also a form of logistics and a national supply system; The CCP has thought of an extreme situation; if they really attack Taiwan and are isolated from the world, they can rely on supplies from the Supply and Marketing Cooperative as well as the China postal system to maintain internal operations.

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