According to RFA, Facebook and Twitter have deleted thousands of Chinese regime propaganda accounts. Facebook deleted 600 accounts from their Facebook and Instagram platforms, while Twitter removed nearly 2,000 users.

Facebook said on Dec. 1 that one fake account belongs to a fictitious Swiss biologist named Wilson Edwards. This account spread anti-US misinformation about the COVID-19 origin.

Hundreds of other accounts have liked, and shared posts from this fake account. A tech firm based in Chengdu, China’s Sichuan province, created almost all of these accounts. The CCP has strictly controlled it.

Swiss authorities exposed the hoax when they said they had no biologist by that name on their records.

On Dec. 2, Twitter announced that they deleted 3465 accounts, including eight government propaganda accounts in six countries, including China.

In terms of the Chinese Communist Party, Twitter removed 2,048 accounts used to promote the Chinese regime’s image in its treatment of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. In addition, the social media also deleted 112 accounts belonging to the Changyu Culture, a private company backed by the Xinjiang regional government.

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