Recently, it was reported on the Internet that Zhao Pu, a famous former MC of CCTV—the mouthpiece of the CCP, questioned, “The secondary disaster brought about by epidemic prevention is increasingly causing public discontent. If we let it continue like this, what will our future be? How long will the public cooperate to prevent the epidemic?”

On November 12, the media channel China Anecdotes posted a video saying that the so-called mainstream official media belonging to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece “never tells the truth.” Nevertheless, today’s recommended video “shows a news channel telling the truth with its head held high.”

In the video, Zhao Pu says that during the three years of the epidemic in Zhengzhou, there were fewer and fewer cheers, and “the people really couldn’t cry anymore.” He said November 5 was the 24th day he had been locked down. He has been locked down without notice, and the date when the lockdown is lifted is still far away. Zhao Pu said that at first, he thought the epidemic problem would be solved within a week as the lockdown duration was communicated to last three days, then seven days, and eventually increased to 14 days.

He added: “The Internet that the people of Zhengzhou are using is really a ‘local area network’ and can only be viewed by the people of Zhengzhou. All we say is for our own entertainment. Is this what is called media? In many communities where the lockdown has not been removed, at night, there is a lot of banging on pots and pans, people screaming in the brightly lit building opposite … people are screaming like animals trapped in cages. Think about how suffocated people must be that they become this maniac.”

Zhao Pu said that ordinary people’s lives are really difficult. If shouting could help people release their long-suppressed emotions, they might not be desperate enough to jump off the building. There are countless people without money and food who have starved to death. “We’re not afraid of the virus; we’re afraid of how long days like this will last!”

Zhao Pu asked the question: “If the city management only work superficially for their superiors to see, seal the city, even weld the door lock or put up a barbed-wire fence, then who will care about the food and clothing for the people at the bottom of society? Who cares how many people are unemployed or have gone bankrupt? Who opens the iron door for sick people to get to the hospital for timely treatment? Who cares about the people who jump off the building? The secondary disaster is gradually accumulating, if it continues like this, what will the future be like?”

Zhao Pu also said he was in the heart of the epidemic area and could see videos of people jumping off the building daily. It is said that the normalization of nucleic acid testing in more than 20 cities has suddenly been stopped. He said it was because local finances had dried up. Zhao Pu added that it is not true that he does not want to cooperate in epidemic prevention, but it’s urged to have specific confirmation of the duration for this kind of cooperation.

Some netizens have responded to this once-famous MC of CCTV. Vision Times has quoted their comments as follows:

 “Zhao Pu, the former host of CCTV, is known to everyone for his genuine tears when he reported on the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. He was believed to be a righteous man.”

“How can a normal person ignore this?”

“Although he has been gone for a long time, we remember that his name is Zhao Pu.”

“CCTV MC Zhao Pu was banned from broadcasting and forced to leave CCTV for revealing the poison pill incident. He is currently doing personal media, he is one of the few MCs that has conscience.”

Netizens have also expressed their concerns for Zhao Pu and said, “In this country, it’s difficult to find such a talented and genuine man who dares to speak the truth. I am worried when thinking of his future.

“There is always a price for telling the truth.”

According to information on Baidu, Zhao Pu was born in 1971 in Chizhou, Anhui province. He graduated from the China University of Communication and Beijing Film Academy. He used to be the MC of China Central Television. After graduating from university in 1997, he worked as a broadcaster at Beijing Television. In 2006, he participated in the host contest “Graceful New Partner” organized by CCTV and entered the top 30. After the contest, CCTV recruited him to host the Morning News program. In 2011, he was transferred to CCTV’s “Evening News” channel. On November 1, 2015, it was revealed that Zhao Pu had resigned or returned to his university, the China University of Communication.

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