Guangzhou’s Haizhu district has been closed for several days, and food and medicine are in short supply. 

Children with fever and parents in despair pleaded for help from the anti-pandemic staff. The onlookers were outraged and urged everyone to contact the police to get assistance for the children and their families, but nobody cared. 

Eventually, angry people overturned the tents of the anti-pandemic team and a police car to express their displeasure. 

Citizens’ rage burst in every alley

On November 15, Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren’s footage on Facebook stated, “People in Guangzhou, China, strongly protested against the government’s strict lockdown policy.”

On November 14, Facebook user ‘Blue Life’ stated, “Guangzhou 11/12/2022 night, heard that there was resistance from people from every alley and CCP hastily sent the police. It would be better if the people could rescue those unlucky enough to be captured by them.”

This person published another video the same day and stated that the residents were being suppressed. Some residents were shot, and others were taken away. Although the Chinese are willing to resist, the special police have modern weapons and outnumber the crowd.

On November 15, Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan reported that people in the urban villages of Kangle Village, Lujiang Village, Kecun, and Datang Area are in dire straits. There is no guarantee of supplies. Many villagers living in a bad economic situation are starving. People with negative and positive results live together. Residents have been locked up for over 20 days and are suffering psychological consequences. Clashes between villagers and checkpoint staff occur daily.

Parents kneel and beg for medical attention for their children 

Parents whose children fall sick get hopeless as they do not have access to medical treatment. This also outrages people. 

On November 13, Xin Tang Ren’s footage on the YouMaker platform showed that a child also had a fever in Chongxiyue Community, Nanzhou Street, Chengzhong Village, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. The mother knelt down at a locked intersection while holding her child.

Nearby, a middle-aged man knelt and begged the checkpoint staff to let him take his feverish grandson to a hospital. But no one paid any attention.

The people around him got infuriated. There was no answer after about 1 hour. Angry people overturned the tents of the anti-pandemic staff to express their displeasure. After smashing the checkpoint, the family eventually took the child to the hospital.

Another Xin Tang Ren’s video showed a young mother pushing her child through a barrier in Kangle Village, Haizhu District, and telling the lockdown pandemic prevention personnel.

00:30-00:32 (mother) The child has a fever of 39 ºC (102 ºF). Is he going to burn to 40 degrees and become a fool?
(staff) what to understand?
00:33-00:35 (mother) Then you understand how to do it? I don’t have any antipyretics, and I don’t have anything. What do you want me to do? 

00:36-00:38 (mother) They all told me to get out with a kitchen knife.
00:39-00:42 (mother) Do you want me to take a kitchen knife? Or do you want me to jump off a building? Tell me?

The young mother was crying, and she seemed brokenhearted.

An anti-epidemic worker in protective clothing asked,

00:51-00:52 Even if we let you pass here, can you pass through the (lockdown) outside?

Another video shows a young mother crying while holding her 9-month-old baby in Haizhu District

00:15-00:17 They all told me to get out with a kitchen knife

00:18-00:19 No one cares about it.
00:20-00:21 I really don’t understand.)

On the same day, a young mother told the anti-pandemic staff upstairs that everyone in the family was positive. And the child has had a fever for three or four days, and no one cares about it. The mother finally knelt on the ground and begged for treatment.

A lady angrily accused the anti-pandemic staff who were still standing upstairs, “The mother is on her knees crying and begging, but you haven’t even taken any action.”

Another footage showed in Kanglu Village, Haizhu District, an 8-year-old boy with a high fever called the police and was left unattended. Her mother could only kneel and beg for help from anti-pandemic staff. A man beside her said her child was dying of illness, and no one cared.

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