The pandemic in Guangzhou, Guangdong province China recently resurfaced. Crowds lined up in Haizhu and Baiyun districts. A citizen of Haizhu said that he suddenly found himself under lockdown when he woke up early in the morning without receiving any notification.

Pandemic heats up; crowd waiting for nucleic acid test fills the street

The pandemic agency of Haizhu District, Guangzhou announced on October 30 that multiple nucleic acid tests will be held for all residents in the county, residential communities, urban areas, and industrial zones. will be closed, and businesses and public service businesses will be suspended.

Lu, a resident of Haizhu district, told Epoch Times on October 30 that the residential community in his area was suddenly blocked, “Today [October 30], the government suddenly blocked off residential areas without warning. They set up barricades at night, and all residents were trapped when they woke up this morning.”

On October 28, everyone in Haizhu had to take a nucleic acid test. The video posted by an account owner Setter on October 30 shows that at the nucleic acid testing site in Shangyong village there are many people lining up. People are worried that there will be more infections.

While in line to get the nucleic acid test, the green health code suddenly turned yellow.

A woman from Haizhu district said, “When I came here, I was really surprised. There were so many people lined up. I don’t know how many positive cases have been found and What will the next pandemic policy look like?”

The woman was initially just standing in line at a normal testing site, but then she discovered that her health code had inexplicably changed from green to yellow, then she had to move to the line that was for people with yellow code.

Some netizen said, “The pandemic in Guangzhou suddenly increased, and there are a large number of yellow coded people in the community.”

A citizen in Guangzhou by the name of Wu, told The Epoch Times on October 30, “My code has also turned yellow. Yesterday [October 29] the government told all employees to get a nucleic acid test. If they didn’t the government will turn your health code to yellow.”

Wu said that there are political factors behind the current pandemic situation in Guangzhou, “Guangdong province has a new leader named Huang Kunming. Guangzhou is now under the government of Shanghai that is also implementing very bad pandemic policies.”

Wu added, “This kind of closure and control makes no sense. The pathogens of this virus are very weak. Why does the government make people so tired?!”

The pandemic in Baiyun District goes on for many days,  there is a risk of spreading

The partial lockdown of Baiyun District began on October 20, and 17 separate notices about risk areas were issued by the end of October 31. In addition to the lockdowns of some communities, bus stops and subway station entrances in medium and high risk areas have been closed.

Officials acknowledged that recent incidents in Baiyun were linked to crowded places such as markets and urban areas, and there was a risk of community transmission.

A video circulated by Epoch Times China News on October 30 shows a large number of people gathered at a nucleic acid test site in Baiyun district. Residents said that people lined up but it was very messy.

Citizens of Guangzhou: the economy is getting worse and worse

Guangzhou citizen Wen told The Epoch Times on October 30, “Recently, large-scale nucleic acid testing has been carried out daily. Before it is done, everyone has to scan a code. People must have a green code before being allowed to enter the testing area. Anyone with a yellow code or a red code must move to another area for testing.

Wen added, “The current control measures are tighter and larger in scale than when the pandemic first appeared in 2020. Many people think that this is a very stupid approach. Everyone knows this virus really isn’t as serious as the government’s propaganda says.”

Wen added that the economy will inevitably continue to decline. And there are people who have not received a salary for seven or eight months. There are elderly people who were originally had good pensions but now they have been but by 30%.

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