A few days ago, in ​​the Huaguoyuan area, of Guiyang city, Guizhou province, a video circulated of about 100 “Dabai” (pandemic prevention staff, people in white protective clothes) standing in two rows passing out food bags. This hand delivery of 16,000 servings of food was also called “an irresistible power” by the local official media, but the incident was mocked by netizens.

On September 9, the Guizhou government published an article with a photo titled “Unity is strength, Dabai handing out vegetables in area C of Huaguoyuan,” and described the photo : The “Dabai” are handing out vegetables and over 16,000 bags of vegetables of all kinds will be delivered soon, forming an irresistible power.”

The post has been deleted, but many screenshots and videos of the incident are still available on the internet.

According to China Digital Times, netizens said that there are at least 4 videos revealing the absurdity of the event. For example, a truck carrying supplies stopped on the side of the road to unload his cargo without directly delivering it to its proper destination. The photo also showed tricycles, electric scooters, SUVs, and other vehicles but not used as extra vehicles to transport food, it seems they are there for show.

According to ipkmedia, it is worth mentioning that during the city lockdown, Shanghai and Xi’an, Shaanxi province also had photos of “food delivery relay” system. After causing a wave of negative comments on the internet, much of the original video was removed.

Authorities’ actions have sparked heated discussions from netizens. The Epoch Times cited some comments.

Account “Diquo wumai” mocked, “Dozens or hundreds of people delivered vegetables, everyone touched them, and the warmth of COVID was transmitted to thousands of households.”

N5vdHLe1hExDYZn joked, T”his is the perfect solution to solve unemployment problems.”

Some netizens also questioned why they don’t use cars for transportation.

”163Lzr” wrote: As long as Dabai gets out of the way, cars will immediately come.

An account called “Zhen nian jun” scoffed, “What a great way to deliver vegetables, why not hand it over from Hainan to Beijing?”

Huaguoyuan is known as the largest residential area in Asia. A resident from Qiannan who lives and works in this residential area previously told The Epoch Times that the area’s lockdown began on September 3. On the September 5 and 6 he had nothing to eat, there were only some cookies, peanuts, and beer.

He said some people were so hungry that they couldn’t stand it anymore. They had to ask their neighbors for help. This is the first time he experienced such an extreme lockdown.

A resident of Huaguoyuan with the surname Tian, told The Epoch Times on September 8, “It has been many days, they said they would deliver food, but so far rice has yet to come. Now we really don’t have anything to eat. I have eaten instant noodles for 2 days and have had a nonstop stomachache. All the relevant units are pushing responsibilities onto each other.”

However, according to China Digital Times, the authorities had previously raised the topic of maintaining stability, saying, “Guiyang citizens don’t have to worry about basic living items.” Everyone wanted to know where had all those bags of vegetables gone?

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