The first round of the “White Paper Revolution” protesting the cold took place in China. Recently, people of a residential area in Baoding City, Hebei Province launched a “White Paper Revolution” protesting insufficient heating. Netizens said, “It won’t take long for the whole country to organize a White Paper Revolution! This method is extremely easy for any citizen.”

On December 2, a netizen named “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a video saying that, on December 2, there were a lot of people in Baoding City, Hebei Province, holding sheet of paper with the word “cold” written on, protesting on the street because the heating system was not adequate and shouting, “Datang does not act.”

According to Vision Times, a homeowner from Gaodian residential area in Baoding said that Baoding Datang Heating Company provides heating services for his area. On November 15, the hot water pipe started to go cold. By November 26, the water temperature had risen a few degrees. But since the end of November, the temperature in the house has dropped every day, and the hot water pipe is cold.

This resident said that now he has to wear thick clothing in the house every day and his hands and feet are still cold. And the water pipe that is suppose to heat the floor is cold. The children of some families are catching colds. At first, Datang Company insisted that it was following the standard. Now it has shifted the responsibility to the property management and at the same time is blaming the weather. But people asked, “Why do people have to pay heating bills?”

According to Hebei’s official website, the temperature in many places in Hebei dipped to -30°C (-22°F).

CCTV on November 29 reported, the Hebei Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted that the minimum temperature in most areas of Hebei would drop from 57°F to 50°F that day and the next day it could drop to -30°C. Temperature will drop from the early evening hours into the night on November 29, with the lowest temperatures in the Northwest region of Baoding reaching between -3.2 F to -11. (Weather chart)

The “White Paper Revolution” of the residents of Baoding, Hebei protesting the poor heating conditions sparked heated debates among netizens.

The Vision Times quoted some netizens.

One said, “Europe has not died from the cold, Asia has already died.”

Someone said, “It is predicted that the purchase of paper in the future must be registered with your real name.”

And another commented, “The White Paper Revolution has been effective, making the public understand that it is necessary to protect their interests. This will certainly become the norm in the future.”

“The people have woken up, it’s good!…If everyone does it together, non-student groups can actually participate, which is considered a big step forward. The enlightening significance of the White Paper Movement will be chronicled!”

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