On the afternoon of November 12, a clothing store employee in Heilongjiang province was given a yellow warning sign for not wearing a mask while napping. The news became a hot search topic on Baidu, causing lively discussions in the online community.

According to a report by “Xiaoxiang Morning News,” Zhang, the owner of a clothing store, said that her store is on Ping’an Road, Yangming District, Mudanjiang City. On November 11, while her sister was sleeping in the store, a pandemic prevention officer entered the store.

A surveillance video provided by Zhang shows that, around 2:30 p.m. that day, the doorbell suddenly rang, and someone walked in and asked, “Is anyone there?”

At that time, Zhang’s sister stood up and said: “I’m sleeping… I am not even wearing shoes, you see.”

The other side asked: “Your shop is not open for business. Is this a business place?

Zhang’s sister said: “I was sleeping. I didn’t intend to receive customers. As soon as I heard the doorbell, I saw you guys.”

These people stormed into the store, took pictures, and posted a yellow warning sign on the entrance door.

The reason for the warning is “Violation of pandemic prevention and control measures,” requiring immediate correction. Serious non-performance of responsibilities, if repeated, will be subject to a red warning sign and business suspension.

Zhang said the other party was not wearing a uniform and only wore a red armband. It wasn’t until she saw their yellow card with “Market Supervision Department” that she knew they were the Department of Market Management and Supervision employees.

Zhang felt it was unfair to get the yellow sign. She said that when the store opens to receive customers, they will ask people entering the store to scan the code and wear a mask, and the store staff will wear it themselves. But at that time, the market surveillance department staff did not scan the code when entering the store, and her sister was sleeping, so she did not wear a mask.

Zhang said her area had just been lifted from the lockdown a day before. On the morning of November 11, some customers came. Still, after seeing the yellow warning sign, customers thought there was close contact or a related pandemic situation, so no one entered.

Market Supervision Department staff did not leave contact information or issue law enforcement documents, nor did they say when the yellow sign would be removed.

Before this incident, a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News (WeChat: xxcbbaoliao) unsuccessfully called the Market Supervision and Administration Agency of Yangming District and Mudanjiang City. However, the reporter continued to call and was eventually told that this situation was “excessive” and suggested that Zhang continue to report to the Market Supervision and Administration Authority.

In this regard, The Epoch Times quoted some netizens,

“The strange regulation of Heilongjiang makes the world afraid!”

“Beijing once held a marathon with more than 20,000 people not wearing masks, even leaders.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, these law enforcement agencies are like gangsters.”

“Yesterday, the milk tea shop, today it’s the clothes shop’s turn. How difficult is it to do business now!” Because of her job, she had to sleep at the store—pitiful enough. These so-called law enforcement are supposed to serve the people. But do they help the people? Do they know empathy? Where is their conscience?”

The China Daily reported that on the afternoon of November 12, Zhang said her business was greatly affected. The people who inspected the store did not reveal their identities and had a bad attitude. She could not contact related departments.

Later, the store owner said the matter had been satisfactorily resolved, and the staff who posted the yellow sign went to the store and removed it.

Previously, on November 10, three officers of the District Market Supervision and Administration Department inspected the pandemic prevention work of a milk tea shop. The milk tea employee told the three law enforcement officers, “Welcome to the shop, please scan the code.” The law enforcement officer said: “The first sentence you tell customers must be to scan the code.” The three people revealed their identities as the Market Supervision Department officers. They judged that the milk tea shop did not strictly follow the code scanning regulation and ordered it to be closed for a day.

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