Xiaoxiang Morning News reported that, on the evening of Sept. 4, many white-winged insects appeared in Yuanjiang city, Hunan province. These insects flew wildly in the air, not only harassing pedestrians but also disrupting traffic.

Chinese networks also spread a video showing a vast cloud of flying insects in the sky of Yuanjiang city, Hunan province. Those who are afraid of insects would surely panic at the sight.

Liu Jingbo, head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Station in Yuanjiang City, said that these flying insects are “mayflies.” They mostly appear near rivers. During this season, they gather in large numbers to mate.

Xiaoxiang Morning News contacted Captain Zhao of the Xinhua Rescue Team in Yuanjiang City on Sept. 5, who said the rescue team received a phone call on Sept. 4 saying that the Huangmaozhou bridge in Yuanjiang City was congested with insects, causing vehicle movement difficulties. “Just like a snow and ice disaster, the carcasses of these bugs were about 10 or 20 cm thick, making vehicles’ wheels slippery.”

Under the street lights, the mayflies seemed like crazy dancing snow. A vehicle attempting to avoid the insect swarm skidded on the piles of insects on the road leading to an accident.

Locals said the insects flying in the sky looked like moths or like snow falling from the sky.

The video of running head-on into the swarming mayflies went viral on Weibo, horrifying many netizens.

The Online newspaper quoted some netizens’ comments as follows:

  • “It feels like an American horror movie.”
  • “Termites in the rainy season in Xiamen also flock like this.”
  • “This photo makes me want to vomit.”
  • “I always feel that there is something different in the sky.”

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