According to Japan’s Defense Ministry’s report, three Chinese navy ships were spotted sailing 80 miles northeast of Miyako Island and entering the disputed East China Sea on June 29. 

Previously, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) detected ships of The Chinese People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) circling Japan for days since June 12. These ships include two Chinese guided-missile destroyers and one supply ship. 

Two guided-missile destroyers are the Renhai-class and Luyan III guided-missile destroyers. They were first detected sailing through Japan’s Tsushima Strait from June 12 to June 13.

Then, the supply ship was spotted sailing east in the Tsugaru Strait on June 16. The two destroyers once again were found sailing east in the Soya Strait from June 16 to June 17. 

In response to China’s actions, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force conducted a joint exercise on June 30. The force deployed two destroyers and a patrol helicopter, joining with the Japan Coast Guard’s patrol vessels and helicopter in the east of Izu Oshima, a part of the Izu Islands.

The JMSDF commander said in a statement, “Through this exercise, we improved the skills of the JMSDF and strengthened our joint response capability with the Japan Coast Guard.”

Previously, Japan also raised objections to Beijing’s “unilateral development activities” in the East China Sea on June 17. The move came after Japan’s navy realized that Beijing was laying the groundwork for a new structure in the disputed waters. 

Three of the several islands China built in the disputed South China Sea have been fully militarized and conducted several invasions into the East China Sea, where the Senkaku Islands are located. 

The Senkaku Islands have been under the most control of Japan since 1895. However, the Chinese regime started declaring its rights over the islands in the 1970s and named them the Diaoyu Islands.

Regarding China’s military build-ups on South China Sea, US Indo-Pacific commander Admiral John C Aquilino once told the Associated Press, “Over the past 20 years we’ve witnessed the largest military buildup since world war two by the PRC”

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