Commentator Yuan Hongbing said that former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s general secretary Jiang Zemin, who died on November 30, committed three major crimes.

Yuan also said that CCP’s general secretary Xi Jinping is full of hatred for Jiang and may soon purge Jiang’s family.

In an interview with Da Ji Yuan on December 1, Yuan said that Jiang’s first crime was that he completely corrupted the morality of Chinese society.

Yuan explained that Jiang’s time in power was a time of widespread corruption, unprecedented power corruption, and a wave of corruption sweeping all aspects of Chinese society. 

Corruption has pushed and corrupted the morality of Chinese society.

Jiang’s second crime was the loss of a huge amount of Chinese property. 

During Jiang’s rule, tens of millions of corrupt Chinese officials colluded with foreign white leftists and Wall Street to form a vampire alliance.

This alliance has enslaved and exploited 250 million migrant workers in China for 20 years, causing a large amount of Chinese wealth to flow abroad and causing great damage to the Chinese economy.

Jiang’s third major crime was ordering the persecution of Falun Gong. 

Yuan said that, during his rule, Jiang had increased ideological and mental control over the Chinese people.

In particular, he carried out brutal persecutions, massacres, and mass arrests of Falun Gong practitioners and committed crimes against humanity that angered humans and gods.

Yuan Hongbing lamented that Jiang was not given a fair trial while alive for this third charge.

Talk about the relationship between Jiang and the current CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping. Yuan said Xi especially hates Jiang.

According to observers, Xi especially hates Jiang because Jiang’s faction has repeatedly wanted to assassinate Xi to put Jiang’s people in the position of the CCP’s general secretary.

Yuan said that there are about 13,000 people in Jiang’s faction. This list was compiled by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection under Xi. 

The estimated wealth of these people (Jiang’s faction) is equivalent to China’s annual GDP, that is, up to more than twenty trillion dollars.

Yuang assessed that, with the current state of China’s economy in recession. Xi will want to quickly purge Jiang’s faction to compensate for the economic shortfall.

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