Wailful cry of Shanghai sky

A netizen posted a video on June 29 showing a cloudy, overcast sky in Shanghai. Dark clouds covered the Shanghai sky, with layers of billowing clouds combining with strong winds, forming strange and scary sounds.

A netizen comments that it sounds like a howling ghost.

Some say the wind howls like in a movie.

Another wonders whether the apocalypse is coming to the mainland.

One states that it is truly hell on earth.

Watermelon and slipper take their turn at mass testing

China’s Zero-Covid policy has become well-known since it mass tests human beings and everything that exists, including animals, such as aquatic animals, pets, poultries, and birds, to foods like ice cream and beer.

Now it’s the turn of watermelons and slippers.

Insect dies within a few seconds under Henan’s hot sun

According to Reuters, many regions in northern China are facing persisting heat waves, especially Henan, the country’s third-most populous province.

Temperatures rise to a record high of 40℃ (104°F) while the surface temperature of some regions exceeds 60℃ (140°F).

A video shows the concrete and glass of buildings shattered under the heat. An insect dies within a few seconds of being released into the sunlight.

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