Recently, netizens were shocked by the humanitarian disasters caused by harsh pandemic prevention in Guiyang. A female volunteer knelt begging for food, a girl jumped from a building, another girl was about to starve, and a little girl didn’t eat for three or four days.

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou province, China, with about 6 million inhabitants. The largest residential area Huaguoyuan has 400,000 residents. Huaguoyuan was locked down for more than a week due to a COVID outbreak and the entire area was “statically managed.” Residents are isolated at home, roads are blocked. Under such a strict lockdown, the government failed to provide food in time, resulting in many humanitarian disasters.

A resident reflected, “It’s been 5 days and 5 nights that I haven’t eaten or drank, wouldn’t that mean I would die? Shanghai is still hungry, let alone Guiyang!”

A video posted by netizens shows that in the early morning on September 10, a person in charge of a volunteer group of a residential area in Guiyang City told the person in charge of food distribution that their residential area had run out of food for a few days ago, yesterday each household was given a cabbage, no rice, and begged the person dispensing food to distribute some. Finally, because she could not contain her emotions, she knelt down at the scene.

In the central business district of Huaguoyuan, Guiyang, a girl was hungry to the point of dizziness due to the lockdown.

The account @wuwenhang posted a video of a girl saying that this 9-year-old girl was alone at home. When the man in the video asked, the girl said that she had been three or four days without rice!

According to Sound of Hope, Guiyang police reported, a 19-year-old girl in Huaguoyuan fell to her death, but didn’t explain why and this angered netizens:

“In your eyes a young life is so cheap. You don’t know how to admit your mistakes. You don’t think of her again. You have no remorse, can’t even pretend to say a word of hope. Someone who protects lives and keep property safe, ends up saying something like Don’t spread rumors’ that makes people numb.”

According to China Youth Newspaper, on September 9, the Guiyang Chinese police reported that at around 5:40 pm on September 9, a person fell from a building in Huaguoyuan. The 19-year-old girl surnamed Yu, after talking with her family on the phone, locked the door in the bathroom, and then fell from the bathroom window. Currently, the situation is under investigation. The notice said that “in the face of the pandemic, do not waver, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.”

In a video showing the distribution of food to residents, they can be seen receiving only a quarter of a cabbage, a potato, and two peppers. It is not clear if this is a family or an individual serving and we don’t know how long it’s suppose to last.

Local residents don’t know what the authorities are doing. The food was pitifully scarce, and the residents had to face being sent to quarantine at night.

However, local officials spent a lot of time filming volunteers delivering the food looking excited!

Sound of Hope quoted netizens as saying that the “performer” group only had 16,000 rations while the 500,000 people in distress in Huaguoyuan were counting on the government, they were going to starve to death.

According to NetEase, from September 9 to September 10, there were 160 new cases of COVID-19 in Guiyang.

Angry local netizens opposing the lockdown questioned the authorities:

“Is there a person in Guiyang who died from an infection? Does anyone need a ventilator? Does anyone need to go to the ICU?”

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