President Xi Jinping, on May 5, delivered a speech on epidemic prevention and control. An analysis shows that the regime is turning the zero-covid into a political movement and normalizing it.

According to Xi Jinping, the CCP’s prevention and control policy represents the party’s nature and mission and preserves people’s rights and quality of life.

However, people suffered under the lockdown, and many lost their lives.

In the video, residents were imprisoned in their homes, shouting their anguish from windows, with nothing to eat. Food shortages took place in major cities. The most brutal hit is on the elderly.

The old lady in the video is in her nineties and living alone. She is now blind and deaf and has nothing to eat at home. There were incidents where some were mistaken as dead and sent for cremation.

Tang Jingyuan 唐靖远, China affairs specialist and a senior commentator, analyzed that Xi was unwilling to give up the zero-Covid clearing because it linked to his political authority. As a result, he will demonstrate, by any means necessary, that clearing is the only effective model.

At the same time, nucleic acid testing has become the norm in some places. People who don’t have a valid test result will be unable to access or leave public venues or use public transportation. Some people can’t even go home because of it.

Tang also believes that the CCP is transforming zero-Covid clearing into a political movement. Using health software, it divides people into so-called red, yellow, and green codes. Chinese prison administration treats people with various color codes differently.

This technique is called identity politics. It separates the population into groups and assigns each group a distinct political identity. Then citizens receive different societal treatment, excluding their most fundamental human right. This is a typical Chinese jail administration model.

Experts already know that requiring nationwide nucleic acid testing is unscientific and that testing vast groups of people will result in cross-infection. However, the clearing is the focal point of a political movement or even a fight over a political line. People will suffer because the CCP will not allow others to take its position.

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