The Central News Agency reported that since December 2, many police cars and police officers had been deployed on Liangma bridge, Sitong bridge, and Tiananmen Square in Beijing to patrol the streets.

There is a police car stationed every 50 to 100 meters 24 hours a day around Liangma Bridge and Sitong Bridge, where the protest occurred.

The surroundings of Tiananmen Square have been closed to pedestrians for nearly a week. People must take a detour.

The same goes for many other public places; it’s forbidden to enter, or the police will monster anyone that enters.

Colleges across China have also implemented the so-called winter vacation for students ahead of time.

On December 2, “Cheng Tao Comics,” a Chinese comic artist and talk show host living in the United States, posted a video on Twitter, “Some people say that the white paper revolution is over. I don’t think so. I think it’s just the beginning. It just triggered such a wave (of protests) at a point in a time that everyone didn’t expect. Will there be a second and third wave?.”

Some say the white paper revolution is like the “June 4” Student Movement. It cannot shake the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and is likely to be violently suppressed.

But “Cheng Tao Comics” believes that the domestic crisis in China has not been resolved. “After all the students have gone home on vacation, can the students all lie at home? Can the economy come back after it is partially unblocked? Can it get better immediately? Can unemployed people find jobs immediately?”

“The problem has not been solved. The root of the problem is poverty and illiberality. We have both of these.”

He said that in the future, with the CCP’s arresting and intimidating the people and various policies of sealing and unlocking that are loose and contradictory from time to time, “The poor will only get poorer and poorer, and the illiberal will still be illiberal, so (the struggle) will come again.”

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