A viral video on Youtube shows that a boy riding a segway was rejected for a nucleic acid test in Shanghai on July 10. The medical staff said the boy was standing on the segway, and it wasn’t convenient to do the test. So the boy went home and returned to the testing place with a fruit knife.

The boy yelled, “I must hack you down today! No one can stop me.”

The staff and some people controlled him. After that, the child continued to clash with several adults next to him. In the conflict, the little boy constantly shouts “garbage people” and “what is the meaning of my life.”

Netizens also care about this situation, and many people leave comments on the video. For example, user fucean said, “poor upbringing for a new generation in China.” Another said, “it seems that there is a long way to go for social counseling in the last stage of the Zero-covid policy.”

Shanghai: For embezzling and selling anti-epidemic materials, an official is jailed for a year

On July 11, the Shanghai Baoshan District People’s Court issued a judgment on the defendant Zhang’s corruption case in the first instance.

According to Baoshan Court, in April 2022, the defendant Zhang stole vegetables and other epidemic prevention and livelihood protection materials entrusted to Zhangmiao Street, Baoshan District, Shanghai, with a total value of $1930. Then he sold them to others.

The Baoshan Court held that the defendant Zhang committed the crime when the city’s epidemic prevention and control situation was severe, and the security of living materials was complex. The adverse effects of his criminal acts increased the pressure on the front-line epidemic prevention and hurt the feelings of people of all walks of life to support the epidemic prevention work in Shanghai.

The Baoshan court sentenced defendant Zhang to one year in prison for embezzlement and a fine of $14,845 and recovered the illegal proceeds under the law. (video)

Landslide in Yunnan, 1 person trapped and 4 slightly injured

According to Yanjin Traffic Police, at 18:50 on July 11, 2022, a landslide occurred in Shizi Town, Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, causing a roadblock

A video shows a landslide rushing toward roadside houses. Many people jumped from the second floor of a wrecked house. A woman who escaped from the second floor cried out that her son was trapped. Locals said that the area of the landslide was quite large, and the volume of the landslide was about 26,000 cubic yards. According to China media reports, one person was trapped, and four people were slightly injured. 

Thunderstorm above level 10 with strong winds hit Nanjing

At 20:38 on July 10, the Nanjing Meteorological Observatory issued an orange warning of thunderstorms and high winds. There were level-10 winds in Liuhe District and Jiangbei New District. Short-term heavy precipitation of 2 inches per hour occurred in Liuhe District. After that, strong winds and heavy rains occurred in the main urban areas of Nanjing. A video shows many trees were toppled, and road signs were blown off in the main urban areas. A fallen tree even crushed a parked car on the road.

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