Sun Mou, a deputy director-level official in Shenzhen, is reported to have purchased multiple properties through a fake divorce. He was suspected of taking advantage of his position to transfer house purchase indicators to earn extra income, intervene in case handling, etc. On Aug. 28, the topics “Three times in the Internet celebrity disk?” and “Reported by the Shenzhen First Deputy Department” were pushed to the hot search. Local officials said they were investigating.

Recently, a report titled “Report on the Issue of Law and Disciplinary Violation by Sun, Deputy Director of the Housing and Construction Department of Shenzhen Qianhai Cooperation Zone Administration,” was circulated on the Internet.

The report alleges that Sun, the current deputy director of the Housing and Construction Division of the Shenzhen Qianhai Cooperation Zone Administration, has a considerable amount of property from an unknown source. It’s alleged he purchased multiple properties through a fake divorce and is suspected of using his power to occupy the position that enables him to transfer the house purchase quota to obtain additional income, intervene in case handling, etc.

According to the report, Sun Mou used someone else’s quota (Tian Mou) to buy the 3-301 house in Tianjing Garden. In March of this year, Sun learned that the developer was facing a debt crisis and might be unable to deliver as scheduled. Sun then went through the check-out procedures; in August, Sun was appointed as the person in charge of “guaranteed handover” in Tianjing Garden.

On the evening of Aug. 27, the report was confirmed by several owners. On the 27th, Chen Hua (pseudonym), the owner’s representative of Tianjing Garden, revealed, “We also found Sun’s multiple identities when we were collecting the owner’s information, and then we searched WeChat to find out that he was still the person in charge of the issue of ‘guaranteeing the building,’ and is currently the deputy director of the Housing and Construction Department of Qianhai Administration Bureau.'”

The report mentioned: “… that Sun, in the name of Tian (who were a husband and wife), paid 3 million yuan on Jan. 27, 2021, to purchase Tianjing Garden by registration lottery. 3-301 listing. The total price of the property is $2.3 million (16.16 million yuan), and the first installment of over 1.8 million will be made up on Jan. 30, 2021, and the receipt will be attached. In the materials provided by Mr. Sun when he applied to join the owner group, the owner of the property is Tian. However the two were husband and wife, and they are suspected of purchasing multiple properties by way of divorce.”

In March 2022, Sun learned through internal channels that the Tianjing project might not be delivered as scheduled, and the developer was facing financial pressure and the risk of debt default. So, under the convenience of his own authority, he quickly went through the check-out procedures under the condition of online signing.

The report letter also mentioned that in addition to the purchase of Tianjing Garden, Room 1802, Building A, Building 1, Phase 2 of Lingxi was also real estate purchased by Sun. This house is currently the only residence without a record.

Lingxi Phase 2 was approved for pre-sale on Sept. 22, 2021. According to the Shenzhen Real Estate Information Platform, as of the afternoon of Aug. 27, the 1802 listing mentioned in the report letter was indeed in the state of “signed subscription.” It was also the only residential listing in the entire building without a record, while Tianjing Garden 3-301 shows that it had been filed.

The above-mentioned multiple houses were all hot-selling online red houses in Shenzhen last year, and the prices were not low. On the contrary, the average total cost of each set was more than $1.4 million (10 million yuan), and the opening price was much lower than the listed price of the second-hand houses in the surrounding area at that time, which aroused the enthusiasm of home buyers. In the end, the fair lottery selection process was launched.

If calculated according to a down payment of 30%, the down payment of the houses, as mentioned earlier, is almost all above $574,000 (4 million yuan).

Chen Hua mentioned that because of many doubts, the owners tracked down Tian, who had a close relationship with Sun. The owners continued searching and found that Tian’s name was also on the Tianjing GardenLingxi Phase 2, and Qianhai Times late project list.

“Tian participated in the renovation of three properties, but it is not clear whether all of them were shortlisted,” Chen Hua said.

According to the report, some owners of Tianjing Garden are more concerned about why they participated in the three new suites in a short time. Why is it possible to get out of the way when the developer has a problem? Can the issue of the misappropriation of project supervision funds be solved?

The relevant staff of the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Sun, the deputy director of the Housing and Construction Department of the Shenzhen Qianhai Cooperation Zone Administration, was under investigation and would respond to external concerns in the future.

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