On November 20, a video of a middle school girl being beaten by several teenagers in Santai County, Mianyang city, Sichuan province, became viral and sparked outrage on social media. 

On November 21, Santai County Police detained and fined four people over 14. The victim, Xu Moumou, was sent to the hospital for a comprehensive examination and care.

Sing Tao Daily published footage showing several girls pushing a middle school girl to the ground. Then they pulled her hair, slapped her repeatedly, and stomped on her head for more than ten minutes. They caused her face to turn red and swollen and her nose to bleed

One of the violent girls in the video also claimed, “We are underage. It is useless to call the police.” It takes two days of detention for significant issues.

Another boy said he has connections and is not afraid to call the police.

Sing Tao reported that after the incident, the victim’s family surrounded the police station to seek justice.

On November 20, investigative news @xinwendiaocha on Twitter posted footage and status that “In Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, a girl was beaten by three girls at school. The police did nothing. Angry parents surrounded the Public Security Bureau.”

According to the police’s report, in the afternoon of November 18, 2 students, surnamed Zhang (female, 13 years old) and her former classmate, surnamed Xu (female, 13 years old), had an argument. Zhang invited a group of five other teenagers, including Deng (female, 14 years old), Jia (female, 13 years old), Wang (female, 15 years old), Huang (male, 14 years old), and Zhou (male, 14 years old). They took Xu, who had left the school gate during the day off, to the rooftop of a residential building on Hengchang Road, Beiba Town. Then Deng, Jia, and Wang beat Xu, turning her face, head, and neck red, swollen, and bleeding from the nose. During the time, Zhang used her cell phone to film the beating while Huang and Zhou stood by and booed.

Following the law, Deng and Wang, both over 14, were detained for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan (roughly $140). At the same time, Huang and Zhou were detained for ten days and fined 500 yuan (approximately $70). Jia and Zhang, both under 14, were warned, and their parents were requested to discipline them strictly. And those parents must bear the corresponding responsibility. Other related work is currently underway.

The parents of the six offenders work in Santai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shanghai, and other regions, except for one parent who was unemployed at home.

People on social media wondered how an incident like this is possible and why do passersby tend to ignore it when they see an accident or another problem. Solidarity seems to be a thing of the past. 

However, traditional belief is very different to what can be seen nowadays under communist rule. The regime promotes disinterest in human life and the welfare of others.  Unfortunately, fighting and divisions among people are frequent.

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